Microsoft does panoramas

Kurt Shintaku, a Microsoft employee, informs us that they have added panorama stitching to Digital Image Starter Edition. He has a link to download the trial version. I haven’t given it a go as I don’t have Windows on this machine, but if it gets more people into creating panoramas then that’s good news. If anyone has created some panoramas with it, then they can upload it to CleVR to view and share it.

Back in July, at SIGGRAPH, Microsoft also gave a preview of PhotoSynth, which seems to be an interesting photo stitcher and renderer. It doesn’t seem to say whether it will be able to output the equirectangular images that we use on CleVR, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. It’s nice to see MS bringing this sort of thing to a wider audience, especially since Apple seems to be putting so little work into QuickTime VR.

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