Welcome to the CleVR blog

Hi there, and welcome to the CleVR blog. I’m Matt, the lead developer for Clementine, and I wrote most of the CleVR system. I plan to use this blog to discuss the development of the site and software, as well as other issues related to panoramic photography as a whole.

The site went live yesterday and we’ve had quite a few signups already. No one has created a panorama yet, but that’s not a huge surprise as I’m guessing most people will want to shoot panoramas specifically for this. Hopefully we’ll start to see some of these on the site soon. When we launched the site already had several hundred panoramas created by us as Clementine over the past few years. Hopefully these can serve as an example of what can be done with the software. You can use the search box up there ↑ to find them.

As I expected (and feared), as soon as the site went live, users started to find bugs that we hadn’t caught before. Some of these were simple fixes, but others may take a little longer. The bugs that I least like to find are those in the CleVR Stitcher. While this is very simple to use, under the bonnet it’s an incredibly complicated bit of software. So, I hope you can bear with us while we fix those problems. It does work very well in most cases (we’ve stitched hundreds of panoramas with it) but if you encounter a bug, we’ll try to fix it as soon as we can.

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