New CleVR hotspot editor

The hotspot editor on has now been updated so it’s the same as the one in the new Stitcher. It looks quite similar to the old one, but it’s a rewrite done in Flex instead of Flash (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry). It is however pretty much bug-free now: the old one could be a bit unstable at times. Now that it’s running off the same codebase as the Stitcher, any remaining bugs should be fixed quickly. As ever, comments and bug reports are appreciated.

If you haven’t tried adding hotspots to your panorama, give it a try. If you’re logged-in, you’ll find a button on the panorama page to edit them. Hotspots let you add another level of interactivity to your panoramas. You can create areas within the panorama that can be clicked to give more information or to move to another location. You can display text, images or even Flash files such as Youtube movies. Links to other locations lets you move around an area – for example, you could click on a doorway to move to a panorama inside a building or in a different room.

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  1. Rey mendoza Says:

    that is cool! a bug that I found in the last one is that hotspots gets lost when I do a full turnaround in the panorama. Does the old panoramas get this functionality too? or just the new ones that are uploaded?

  2. matt Says:

    Are you referring to hotspots getting lost in the viewer, or in the editor? If it’s in the viewer, that’s a bug: could you send me a link to an example. If you’re referring to the editor, then yes, that bug is fixed. All hotspots from existing panoramas will show up properly in the editor now.

  3. Sylvain Ripoll Says:


    I am a teacher in NICT. I would like to promote your site in schools. I noticed two problems with the hotspot editor.

    1. Sometimes it isn’t possible to use it. The panorama’s picture don’t appear in the editor (regardless of the computer) for example with this panorama:

    (I had used it one time for this picture and after I couldn’t)

    2. Accents current in French, unfortunately are not taken into account …

    Thank you, congratulation for your site!

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