Actionscript 3 vector speedups

Mike Chambers has posted a comparison between the performance of AS3 arrays and the new Vectors available in Flash Player 10. The results look good: he managed a 60% speedup. This is very exciting for us at CleVR, because of the potential impact it has on the Stitcher in particular. This uses massive Arrays and lots of nested loops which seem to be just the kind of thing that would benefit from this. I haven’t had a chance to do any benchmarking of my own (hard at work on CleVR Pro) but when I do I’ll post another entry.

5 Responses to “Actionscript 3 vector speedups”

  1. Flug Says:

    The new ActionScript features included in the Flash Player 10 are amazing.I mostly liked the support of the data type vector, that I often used in java.It provides performance improvements over using arrays coz all the elements has the same type.
    Nice to know that By having a consistent type, performance on Vectors is 60% higher than Arrays.
    I would expect nothing less from Adobe

  2. Pkv Says:

    The new ActionScript features included in the Flash Player 10 are amazing.

  3. Bild Geschenk Says:

    its old Thread BUT always useful.


  4. Leinwand Says:

    i have to agree with bild geschenk!

  5. Daniel Says:

    Hi I’ve just downloaded clevr from github. Very nice job!
    Do you plan to put this new version 60% faster in the repository?

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