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Shiny new site design

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

The more observant visitors may have noticed that we’ve just updated the design of the site. It’s not a drastic change, is the first stage of a series of updates that we’ll be releasing over the next month. If you have any problems with the changes, do let me know using the contact form or in the comments. Any comments are also welcome.

One change that may be of interest to web design types is that the new design uses downloadable CSS fonts using @font-face. At the moment, Safari 3 is the only browser that supports that, but that will hopefully change soon. It should still display with no problem in other browsers, just without the custom fonts. The font we are using is Fontin Sans, which is one of several excellent fonts by Jos Buivenga of Exljbris. These fonts have a licence which specifically permits use in @font-face declarations and are free to download. We’re using the font in our new logo and in the CleVR Stitcher, as the licence allows embedding in programs as well. We’re very grateful to Jos for creating this excellent font with such a helpful licence.