It's me, Jana

Hi to all the (future) Imagineers out there! I am Jana Bergmann and while I like things to be pragmatic and well-organized, I surely do not want to limit myself or others for that matter by dreaming small. I believe that every new person you meet can teach you something about yourself, others or the world that surrounds us and make life a colourful adventure. How practical that I get to meet a lot of diverse people working as an International Recruiter.

Nice to meet you

So, what is there to know about me? I studied Communication Science. Hence following the lame stereotype: I like talking. Nevertheless, to not torture you too much, I will try my best to keep it ‘short’… I tend to ask many questions as I like to learn and expand my horizon. Being paid for something you naturally feel the urge to do is unique; take that as a career tip 😉. Please do not hesitate to let your humour shine through in any moment of creativity. I will appreciate the glorious attempt.

Last but not least, it is amazing to see someone being passionate about their hobbies and interests. So, feel free to share your ideas and passions with me. I am truly hyped to dive into new fields of interest and explore this world from your point of view. I truly believe that humans have been gifted with brains and hands meant to create outstanding solutions for various problems and generate innovative ideas. CLEVR represents my aspirations and values in that respect. And that's not all: While rooted locally, we work in an international environment, which is not usual in many companies. I quickly felt like I was part of our lovely community and am excited to motivate even more unique and impressive individuals to join us!

My skills
  • Intercultural communication
  • Creative but critical mindset
  • A person who actually likes bringing colleagues some coffee without it being my job :-)

What I like to do

Operating countries
Years experience

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