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Deen supermarkets

Deen supermarkets

22 June 2021, last update 22 June 2021 2 min read

Supermarket group DEEN Supermarkets chooses CLEVR, an expert in business application development, to streamline the promotion process of more than a hundred promotions per week. The CLEVR Promotion Management solution is implemented for this, which also includes the folder process. Various departments such as category management, marketing, and data management will use the cloud application. The process from the promotional deal with suppliers to the offer in the folder and the information provision in the store becomes one workflow. DEEN Supermarkets will therefore benefit from a more efficient process, better cooperation, and targeted promotions.

Every week, consumers receive a folder with new promotions. The desire to further automate the creation of this folder was the immediate reason for a search for a new system. The supermarket group wanted to speed up the lead time, reduce manual operations and promote a uniform working method. Moreover, since the upgrade of the ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics AX, DEEN Supermarkets no longer had the option to record promotions. Thus, the Promotion Manager turned out to be the perfect solution to use.

The Promotion Manager will go live in the autumn. From that moment on, the internal stakeholders work with this system to manage promotions, each from their role and responsibility. They can enter and adjust advertisements themselves. Thanks to the support of the folder process, price adjustments can be processed directly in the layout, and feedback can be passed on to the layout studio in a uniform manner. In addition, promotions and various scenarios can be properly calculated to estimate the success of promotions. Finally, the category manager now has a dashboard to oversee the promotions and adjust where necessary. By choosing the CLEVR Promotion Manager, stakeholders benefit from greater convenience and efficiency, allowing them to focus more on their primary task.

"We operate in a dynamic playing field, which means that prices change daily," explains Anouk Bakker, Head of Communications at DEEN Supermarkets. "It is crucial not only to be close to the market but also to be flexible and agile. The system is an important facilitator for this. It will become the hub of our organization. To achieve this, we have carefully mapped out our wishes together with CLEVR. These tough questions such as: which functionalities are standard, and where is customization required? What has priority, and how can we best apply a phasing? It was very nice for us to rely on the expertise of CLEVR to answer these questions. That way, we didn't have to reinvent the wheel."

René Tusveld, Business Development Manager at CLEVR: "The collaboration with DEEN Supermarkets is something we are proud of. Our experience in the market allows us to add real value. During the demo of the Promotion Manager, we saw a big smile appear on their faces. That's fantastic. The DEEN Supermarkets team has its sights set on the future. We are happy to contribute our experience and expertise in retail and process automation to make that future even brighter. That is, of course, what we do it for."

DEEN Supermarkets is a family business and has existed for 84 years. Mr. Deen Sr. opened his first grocery store in Hoorn in 1933, laying the foundations for the current supermarket group. The company has expanded far beyond Hoorn, with 83 stores in North Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht, Overijssel, and Gelderland. More than 8,800 people now work at DEEN.


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