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Engineering Productivity: Keep up with the pace of change

Engineering Productivity: Keep up with the pace of change

10 January 2018, last update 21 June 2021 2 min read

So, you decided to use the Mendix platform to drive your digital innovation to be able to cope with the ever-increasing speed of changing business needs.

If you recently moved to using the Mendix platform, you are probably in the Start phase of the Digital Execution Roadmap. A framework provided by Mendix to implement a digital strategy to become successful with digital initiatives. Your first goal is to gain broader support for your digital transformation program by proving the value of your new approach.

If you are using the Mendix platform for quite some time now and already passed the Start phase, you are probably on your way to structuring and formalizing your team and strategy to really accelerate the digital transformation.

A well-considered strategy around quality in every phase of the digital transformation roadmap will get and keep you successful. We believe an appropriate quality level should never be compromised. You don’t want a major bug to be the WOW factor of your first high impact project. And as time goes by, complexity grows, the number of apps grows, you still need to be able to retain pace and productivity. You want to accomplish amazing amounts of important work and demonstrate consistently strong performance. Without compromising quality of course. That’s where Engineering Productivity comes into play.

The CLEVR Engineering Productivity practice is fully dedicated to striving the following mission:

Reduce the time from concept to deliverable by providing Mendix product development teams with the tools, practices and support to increase their productivity while maintaining high quality standards.

Therefore, we need a cultural adjustment. We all thrive on change. And with the Mendix platform we can change fast. To be able to keep up with this pace and stay productive along the way, we must have testing and quality to become the job of everyone involved in ‘development’. Instead of a separate Quality and Assurance team (often perceived as ‘gatekeepers’, slowing down the process), the Mendix development team owns testing and the Mendix development team owns quality. Engineering Productivity is responsible for enabling the team to nail those two things.

So where to start? In whatever phase of the Digital Execution Roadmap you are, make sure you have a deliberate strategy around quality. Determine the impact of bugs and errors that will cause reputation damage, decrease in user efficiency and increase in cost of refactoring. So, based on the impact and the level of precision & refinement needed, decide on what you need to do to achieve that. Agile testing practices, levels of automation are just some topics to consider.

Within the CLEVR Engineering Productivity practice, we focus on eliminating productivity blockers for Mendix developers. Our experienced consultants know all about efficiently embedding quality in agile environments. And, we can help you understand the importance of tools like Mendix ATS and Mendix APM in this approach. We continue to search for ways to let the Mendix platform shine within your organization to win in a software-driven world.


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Arjan de Lange Arjan de Lange is certified as a Mendix Expert Developer. He has been working for Mansystems since 2003 and has had several roles within the company, currently responsible for the Mansystems Technology group. His mission for the Technology group is to let the Mendix platform shine by providing the community with tools (like APM and ATS) and processes to accommodate that. Arjan is focused on ‘doing the right things right’. He is always looking for ways to improve and doesn’t settle for the Status Quo.

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