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Mendix for Teamcenter

Revolutionize Your PLM Workflows: Bridging the Gap between Engineering and Non-Engineering Teams with Teamcenter and Mendix

6 June 2023 at 2:30 PM
2 speakers

Teamcenter is great for sharing all product lifecycle related information within the engineering teams and closely related departments. However, getting purchasers, suppliers, production teams, accountants, customers, service teams, etc. integrated into your PLM processes can become quite a challenge. Join us for our upcoming webinar on redesigning communication between engineering and other stakeholders to unlock the full potential of Teamcenter.

You will learn:
  • How to address challenges faced by non-engineering or product development departments when working with Teamcenter
  • How to utilize Mendix on top of Teamcenter to fully realize its potential
  • How to effectively use PLM data in processes outside of Teamcenter to improve communication and efficiency
  • How to identify departments that can benefit from access to PLM data and leverage it to enhance their processes
  • How to overcome prevalent use of paper, email, or spreadsheets for communication outside of system silos
  • How to highlight the benefits of moving towards more integrated systems for streamlined and efficient workflows
Frederik Becker
Enterprise Digitalization & Strategic Business Development
Frederik thrives on helping companies execute their digitalization projects faster. He is looking forward to more companies embracing the opportunities digitalization brings.
Wouter Aker
Mendix Expert
Wouter is one of our leading Mendix experts. He is passionate about the possibilities of low code and is heading CLEVRs efforts to enhance Teamcenter through low code applications and integrations
Your take-aways will be:
  • a better understanding of how to redesign communication between designers and outside departments
  • tools and knowledge to streamline processes
  • insights into how to improve cross departmental communication
  • insights into how to increase overall efficiency

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  • Watch directly. No personal information needed.
  • 30 minutes of useful tips.
  • Experienced Speakers.