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How low-code transforms field services for your organisation

Maximise operational efficiency by integrating your processes and software

45 minutes
2 speakers

Do you deliver first-time-right on-site jobs? How effective is your customer journey? Does your service scheduling work flawlessly? Are your teams spending too much time on manual or administrative work? Do you use multiple and unintegrated software tools?


If you find yourself asking these questions – whether to yourselves, your team, or your peers – there certainly is room for improvement in how you do things; and you know it! Keeping customers happy and satisfied is tricky, especially in installation and services markets where customer expectations must be balanced with availability of skilled technicians and inventory


To stay in this competitive market, pain-points in the customer journey must be identified in real-time and acted upon. Adapting to the evolving era of ‘first-time-right-jobs’ causes a huge burden on the current IT landscape especially if currently there are inefficient or manual processes for service scheduling, monitoring, and execution. Add to these challenges, the struggles of choosing between an off-the shelf field services solutions (that does not match your unique setup), or building a solution ground-up (that is slow and expensive).

What if you could have the best of both worlds? A way to create a glove-fitted field services management solution that drastically cuts your time-to-market, is highly scalable and customisable, and is so simplistic that your teams can learn it on-the-go?

Watch this and learn how CLEVR teamed up with power and smart home companies to create a low-code based field service management solution. The end result - continuous and seamless communication between service providers and their customers facilitating an excellent customer journey.

What will you learn?
  • Challenges in field services space today
  • How our customer Eneco solved their challenges by teaming up with CLEVR
  • Preview of CLEVR’s low-code based Field Service Manager

Michael Swarte | CLEVR
Low-code evangelist

Michael is a low-code veteran. He has spent a major part of his career spanning two decades in helping organisations accelerate their growth and digital transformation using low-code.

Kay Lankheet | CLEVR
Field services expert
Who should watch?

The installation & service space - power utilities, renewable energy (solar, wind),

climate control HVAC, EV boxes, Smart homes (energy and security), inspection & certification agencies, home appliances, installations and construction, waste management companies, facility management companies.

COO, CIO, CTO, Field Service Specialist, Field Services Engineer, Field Technician,

Field Supervisor, Service Planner, Head Of Planning, Planning Engineer, Business Intelligence Specialist, Customer Service Specialist, and Logistics Manager, Field service managers, Installation technicians, Installation planners, Operations managers, IT manager, Customer service manager

  • Watch directly. No personal information needed.
  • 30 minutes of useful tips.
  • Experienced Speakers.