2022-CLEVR Academy-Integrations-min


How to design integrations from scratch by asking the right questions and gaining understanding on the various aspects of integration design.

On demand
09:00 - 16:00 CET
8 seats

Connecting Mendix applications to other (Mendix) applications can be done relatively easy. However, in real-world scenarios important (architectural) considerations come into play. What if your integration needs to be able to handle 100's of messages per minute? What if the applications are interconnected via a service bus instead of a direct connection? Should I use REST or SOAP for this specific integration?

During the workshop we will cover many topics related to integration design and provide you with the information you need to ask the right questions and design robust and performant integrations in your own Mendix applications.

The workshop has a large theoretical nature, but also contains hands-on assignments to put the theory into practice


What will you learn?
  • Describing and identifying common patterns for integration designs 
  • Explaining available options in Mendix to implement specific patterns 
  • Architecture considerations for integrations
  • Practical assignments to illustrate patterns and considerations using a real-life use case 

For whom?
  • Intermediate and/or advanced Mendix developers


2022-CLEVR Academy-Integrations-min