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Mendix 10: Empowering Innovation with Low-code and AI

Published 30-06-2023, last updated 01-02-2024 4 min read
Mendix 10: Empowering Innovation with Low-code and AI Mendix 10

Mendix the leading low-code application development platform and partner of CLEVR launched, earlier this week, Mendix 10, a platform packed with exciting features that make it ready for the future. As the successor of Mendix 9, the platform offers advanced capabilities for building low-code applications at scale. While a neat-looking drag-and-drop user interface is always helpful, it takes more than that to work better and faster. Mendix 10 provides a platform and an ecosystem to achieve these goals without compromising quality or overview. This latest IDE focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and composability to empower companies to build innovative solutions effortlessly. With advanced features such as Bring-Your-Own Identity Provider (BYOIDP) and the ML Kit, Mendix 10 is set to change the low-code development landscape. 

Let's explore BYOIDP and understand how Mendix 10 aims to expedite objectives for businesses and developers with improved functionalities. 

Introducing Bring-Your-Own Identity Provider (BYOIDP ) - Mendix's Latest Feature

Bring-Your-Own Identity Provider (BYOIDP) enables organizations to seamlessly integrate their Identity Provider (IdP) with the system, managing user identities and providing authentication services. With BYOIDP, users can now log in to the Mendix platform using their existing IdP credentials, eliminating the need for separate login information and simplifying the user experience.

One of the standout benefits of BYOIDP is security. BYOIDP gives organizations greater control over user credentials by enabling them to implement security policies through their own IdP. Organizations can apply password complexity rules, enable two-factor authentication (2FA), and enforce other security measures to protect valuable assets.

Moreover, BYOIDP is not just about security – it also delivers unparalleled convenience. Managing multiple login credentials for different platforms and applications can be inconvenient, but now with BYOIDP's Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, users can log in to the Mendix platform using their familiar credentials. SSO eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple sets of login information and improves the overall user experience, resulting in increased productivity and user satisfaction.

As we mentioned above, Mendix 10 offers a range of enhanced functionalities for businesses and developers, such as Bring-Your-Own Identity Provider (BYOIDP), improved collaboration tools, and strategic partnerships. In the subsequent sections, we will delve into these developments and examine their contributions to low-code development for both businesses and developers.

Mendix 10: Enhancing Business Functionalities & Benefits

Mendix 10 introduces a range of features to develop the low-code  landscape. These developments cater to both new users and larger, well-organized technical teams, regardless of their architectural approach, whether it's service-oriented, micro-services, or event-driven.

  1. Mendix Portfolio Management 

    Collaboratively gather and assess ideas from all members of your organization. The Portfolio Management feature enables effective organization of these ideas, ensuring optimal use of available time. This is often overlooked but essential aspect of a mature scale-up.

  2. Broader multi-cloud capabilities 

    If your business is already using cloud services, it's important to seamlessly integrate Mendix applications into your existing landscape. With Mendix for EKS-Terraform, you can now quickly begin your journey towards a private cloud solution. Additionally, the fully managed Mendix Cloud offers a range of improved features and functionalities.

  3. Shorter feedback loop with App Insights 

    Measure the impact of an app with App Insights' new tools for gathering and processing end-user feedback. Incorporate neat-looking questionnaires into an existing Mendix application and easily collect feedback from (specific) end users. The input is contained within the platform, and the questions are easy to configure. A powerful tool that is close to the user.


Exploring the Benefits of Mendix 10 for Developers

Mendix 10 offers a variety of advantages and benefits for developers. The integration of AI and low-code development provides a powerful solution that allows for the efficient creation of innovative solutions.

  1. PDF Document Generation 

    With Mendix's new PDF module, you can generate PDF documents like designing a web page. By incorporating the 'Design mode' in Studio Pro, you can enjoy instant updates and leverage existing building blocks. Although the module is currently in beta, it's available for you to test and try out.

  2. Mendix Connect 

    Use Mendix Connect to integrate with other systems and services internally and externally, with updated REST connectors, database connectors, and new Event Brokers/Business Events capabilities. Especially the 'Bring your own Kafka' can be an essential game changer for specific users.

  3. Mendix Assist 

    Mendix and AI are here to stay. With every release, the role of applied AI in the development process increases. The Best Practices Bot highlights potential violations in real time. As it is possible to scope this to uncommitted work, it can dramatically decrease the time needed to execute and follow up manual peer reviews. More exciting implementations are coming; later, Mendix 10 will even be able to generate logic based on prompts. For validation logic, this is already possible today and a real time- saver.

  4. AWS Connectors 

    New connectors are being added to the Marketplace almost every month. Mendix has a strong vision where the community is empowered to develop and add high-quality, standardized connectors. This makes provisioning, managing, and operating native AWS resources easier by the day. Mendix is becoming  the fastest way to build apps on top of AWS.

  5. Git-based version control and third-party CI/CD 

    Mendix 10 will support Git as the version control system, which may require some developers to adjust. Fortunately, this version offers many benefits of Git over SVN. Additionally, Mendix Webhooks is now available, enabling integration with third-party CI/CD tools within the Mendix Cloud. This long-awaited feature grants greater flexibility in workflow management.

More flexibility with Mendix 10!

Mendix 10 offers organizations greater choice, control, and flexibility in their development process. The platform's new self-service capabilities enable teams to optimize deployments and allocate resources effortlessly, while Mendix for Amazon EKS - Terraform provides a quick-start solution for Private Cloud journeys. Further, the platform allows for easy integration with popular third-party CI/CD pipelines, and monitoring solutions like AppDynamics, DynaTrace, and Splunk. With these advanced capabilities, Mendix 10 empowers organizations to focus on delivering innovative solutions while ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in their development process.

In conclusion, Mendix 10 marks a significant milestone in low-code development, empowering businesses to build innovative solutions effortlessly. The platform's AI-driven composability is set to revolutionize future development practices. With the integration of AI and low-code, Mendix 10, alongside CLEVR's tooling, services, and training, offers a powerful solution that enables businesses to maximize their existing infrastructure while embracing innovation. You want to learn more and use Mendix 10 for your business? You can easily reach out to us here.

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