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Transform retail experiences with CLEVR

In today's rapidly evolving and unpredictable retail industry, retailers must adapt to changing conditions and identify essential capabilities for implementing unified retail commerce, where online and offline retail channels are seamlessly connected and synchronized. CLEVR helps you elevate retail operations and deliver exceptional experiences with low-code solutions for retail. Modernize your retail enterprise, optimize processes, and stay ahead in the dynamic retail landscape. 

Transforming Retail: Are you ready for the Digital Revolution?

Retailers face ongoing challenges in maintaining market share and profitability. To excel in today's dynamic landscape, they must embrace advanced capabilities that address changing consumer behaviors. By leveraging near-real-time data and AI-driven approaches, retailers can make rapid, informed decisions. To overcome challenges, retailers need to take strategic actions: 

Enhanced In-store Service

Empower store associates with enhanced digital skills to stand out from competition and ensure successful in-store operations.

Collaborative Innovation

Foster collaboration, both internally and externally, to drive innovation and seize new business opportunities.

Comprehensive Partnerships

Seek partnerships and ecosystem participation to meet comprehensive customer demands.

Unified Adaption

Adapt organizational structures and technology landscapes to implement must-have capabilities that drive unified retail success.

Sustainable Integration

Prioritize sustainability, governance, and compliance as top priorities to ensure ethical business operations through the integration of sustainable practices.

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Keep your Retail Business CLEVR: Optimise, Innovate, and Thrive

CLEVR offers a powerful low-code application that enables retailers to quickly develop and deploy custom retail management software. With CLEVR and Mendix, retailers can streamline their operations, from basic to business-critical applications, while ensuring security, flexibility, adaptability, and auto-scaling capabilities. Digitize your retail management processes with CLEVR's scalable solutions and expertise.

Delivering Customer Value in Retail with CLEVR

In the modern retail world, customers' shopping journeys are diverse and non-linear. Retailers must adapt by implementing must-have capabilities to provide personalized experiences.

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What's the role of Low-Code Technology in Retail?



CLEVR's Low-Code retail Solutions

Transform your Retail experience with CLEVR's Low-Code Solutions: Empowering Efficiency, Driving Innovation, and Ensuring User-Friendly Store Success.

PLM for CP&R

Mendix's low-code PLM solution streamlines the workflow for fashion and retail businesses, enabling collaboration between stakeholders and reducing digital waste. With cloud-native technology and low-code capabilities, businesses can develop mobile and web applications at scale, improving time-to-market for product ideation, design, and development.

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202305- Promotion Manager-Execute

Promotion Management

CLEVR Promotion Manager is a low-code based solution that brings a holistic approach to your end-to-end promotion management process covering ideation, planning, sourcing, design, production, and optimization . It helps businesses reduce manual workload, lower costs, and improve efficiency of promotional activities through AI-powered tools.

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