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Are your replacing your legacy SQL database with  custom logic built in the queries or do you want to go beyond Xpath for some advanced reporting or speed? In that case, the OQL workshop is for you! 

09:00 - 16:00 CET
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Do you sometimes have the feeling that your application can perform better in retrieving data? Then it is time to get more knowledge of OQL. Mendix Object Query Language is like SQL and you can build your own database queries to retrieve the data, these can be simple but also very complex. We will learn you how to use OQL and you will get a lot of time to practice during this hands-on training.

The Mendix Object Query Language (OQL) is a relational query language just like SQL. The major advantage of OQL is that it uses entity and association names instead of actual database table names.

In addition, OQL can use predefined relations (associations) to easily join objects without having to calculate which columns should be coupled. 

What will you learn?
  • Querying Languages
  • Xpath vs OQL
  • OQL & SQL; a love story​
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Use Cases
Jeffrey Draaijer | CLEVR
Senior Mendix Consultant

Jeffrey Draaijer is a seasoned Mendix consultant with a broad experience as lead-consultant on several international projects and now working for our support department.

Jeffrey has gained a lot of knowledge over the past years about frontend development even before working with Mendix. With this experience he hosts multiple workshops on various topics, like Styling Expert, Advanced and OQL.


For whom?
  • Intermediate Developers
  • Advanced Developers
  • IT-Administrators
  • Data-Scientists 


2022-CLEVR Academy-Integrations-min