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Discount, promotion, and sale: all faces in the same direction for the best result

Discount, promotion, and sale: all faces in the same direction for the best result

22 June 2021, last update 22 June 2021 2 min read

A retail entrepreneur sometimes needs ten pairs of hands to run the business from purchasing to HR and payroll: all important matters that require the necessary attention. And then there are promotion weeks. Peak periods when it is all the more important to join forces and manage the process in such a way that it runs smoothly. Practice often shows that the division of tasks within that promotion process is not yet obvious. In this blog, we explain the most important roles because the clearer the division of tasks, the more you can get out of the promotions. But watch out! There are several essential preconditions.

Store staff
Store employees, especially in physical stores, are the ones who directly influence turnover. The promotion chain may be the group that informs you last, but they are an indispensable linchpin in the process. Branch or team managers are responsible for reporting to the team on time. Only then will the shop window be ready in time to entice the shopping public, the posters and displays will smile at the customer, and the shelves with the promotional products will be neatly and attractively supplemented.

The purchasing department is an essential part of business operations. Will the price of a particular item be reduced? Purchasing should then know this in good time to prevent too little from being purchased. As a retailer, you not only lose money in that case, but you also incur reputational damage. Today's critical consumer wants to get what is promised.

Supply chain manager and the category manager
These two specialists are indispensable in the promotion process. The supply chain manager is responsible for creating a chain of items that is as effective and efficient as possible and can therefore be of great value. The category manager knows everything about the composition and optimization of a product group and thus creates value for the consumer and the organization. It's a no-brainer that he has an important role when it comes to promotions.

Promotion management and marketing
These two departments are emotionally close to each other. Promotion management is responsible for the entire promotion process. Think of the policy, new concepts, operation, and execution of all promotions. They enter all prices, as well as discounts, special seasonal promotions, and supplier agreements. The marketing department ensures that these actions meet the wishes of the customer. They do this by creating attractive campaigns. They are also responsible for the evaluation. Which promotional activities were successful and which less so?

Now that the team roles are clear, it is essential to look at the conditions that ensure that the collaboration between these departments and specializations can run smoothly. Devising, setting up, and executing promotions is teamwork. You must work with a 'one single source of truth' to function correctly. If everyone gets started with the right set of data, there is much to be gained, both in time and money. With a software solution such as a Promotion Manager application, you can automate the entire promotion process. This has many advantages: speed, efficiency, and flexibility. It's just those few hands that you, as a retail entrepreneur, can sometimes so severely wish for.

Want to know which preconditions are even more critical in the promotion process? Read the white paper 'Promotion manager of the future and discover which things help with efficient and successful promotions.


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