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Why Siemens PLM Teamcenter is better with Mendix Low-Code Platform

13 April 2023, last update 7 July 2023 3 min read
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In today's fast-paced manufacturing and production environment, businesses need to be able to manage their products' entire lifecycle effectively. This is where Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) comes in, as it provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage the product development process from start to finish. However, as businesses continue to grow and evolve, there is a need to expand the capabilities of PLM systems to meet their unique needs. That is where low-code technology, like Mendix, can play a vital role in extending the functionality of PLM solutions, such as Siemens Teamcenter. 

Siemens Teamcenter is a robust PLM system that is widely used in the manufacturing and marine industries. However, while it is a powerful system, it has limitations when it comes to customization and user experience. By integrating Mendix, organizations can enhance the capabilities of Teamcenter beyond its traditional PLM users and customize it to meet their unique requirements.

Adapt to your business & technical needs

One of the primary benefits of expanding Siemens Teamcenter with Mendix is customization. Siemens Teamcenter can be customized to meet the unique needs of different organizations. However, customizing Teamcenter can be a complex process that requires specialized technical skills. With Mendix, organizations can leverage a low-code application development platform that allows them to create custom solutions quickly and easily. This means that organizations can build custom applications that integrate with Teamcenter without requiring specialized technical skills, reducing development time and costs.

Close the gap and integrate with key systems

Mendix can be used to close the gap between Siemens Teamcenter and other core systems, such as ERP, CRM, and MES systems. By integrating these systems, organizations can streamline their business processes and improve data accuracy by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. This integration also allows for a more holistic view of product data, enabling better decision-making throughout the organization.

Make user experience an asset for adoption and usage

While Siemens Teamcenter is a powerful PLM system, it is designed primarily to support the work of engineers and others directly involved in the PLM process. However, there are many other roles in an organization that work with the information stored in Teamcenter. With Mendix, we can present this information in a user-friendly fashion that is adjusted to these supporting roles. By improving the user experience through Mendix apps, organizations can increase user adoption and improve overall productivity, as users can quickly and easily access the features they need to complete their work. Overall, using Mendix to expand the functionality of Siemens Teamcenter provides organizations with a more flexible and user-friendly solution that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Innovate without disrupting operations and core processes

Mendix is a platform for innovation, allowing organizations to rapidly prototype and test new ideas. By using Mendix to expand the functionality of Siemens Teamcenter, organizations can experiment with new features and functionality without disrupting their existing systems. This enables organizations to quickly identify new opportunities and respond to changes in the market.


Some of CLEVR’s PLM with low-code solutions

At CLEVR, we have developed several solutions using the Teamcenter and Mendix combination that have helped our clients increase productivity, reduce errors, and streamline their business processes. Here are some of our solutions:

  • Sales Configurator: This solution uses a Mendix interface to configure which add-ons can be sold for which products. Engineers make this decision based on the product and add-on designs and specifications. The sales configuration can be stored back in Teamcenter to keep a single source of truth. The information is used to update the sales catalog, reducing the amount of returns and increasing the first-time right sales. 

  • Problem and Improvement Notice: Enable mechanics on the shop floor to send feedback about problems or improvements with specific parts or work steps to Teamcenter. Information reaches engineers and designers more reliably, and they can act upon the feedback faster. 

  • Supplier Portal for Teamcenter: Our Supplier Portal for Teamcenter improves information flow from suppliers into Teamcenter. The supplier portal manages specifications and certifications for supplied parts, materials, etc., and makes these available in Teamcenter. The supplier portal can also be integrated into ERP and other systems to get a full 360 view of what is being delivered to you.

  • Warehousing Solution: Our Warehousing Solution makes designs available in the warehouse so incoming goods can undergo a first-quality check and be recorded in Teamcenter and ERP systems. QR and Barcode reading increases ease and reliability. 

  • Purchasing Support Solution: Our Purchasing Support Solution makes designs and parts as defined in Teamcenter available to your purchasing department, reducing errors and increasing the speed of purchasing. 

  • Integration with FSM and DLM solutions: Our FSM & DLM solutions integrate natively with Teamcenter to give you full control over the product lifecycle.

The combination of Siemens Teamcenter and Mendix is a game-changer for organizations looking to streamline their business processes and increase efficiency. By using Mendix to expand the functionality of Teamcenter, businesses can create custom solutions quickly and easily, improve the user experience, and experiment with new ideas.  

The ability to customize and innovate with low-code technology provides organizations with a competitive edge, enabling them to respond faster to changing business needs and remain ahead of the competition. 

If you're interested in learning more about how the combination of Siemens Teamcenter and Mendix can benefit your organization, please contact us for more information. We'd be happy to discuss your unique needs and develop a customized solution that meets your business requirements. 


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