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Is your digital engineering setup equipped for autonomous manufacturing?

Future-proof your design-to-production value chain with smart automation

45 minutes
2 speakers

Continuous innovation, complex products, and changing requirements are fairly common in the disruptive world of manufacturing. But is your digital engineering setup capable of harnessing the power of disruption? And how does your ERP system cope with the deluge of data resulting from continuous innovation?


Managing complex data is a significant challenge in the marine, heavy machinery and manufacturing industries. While the end products may be simplistic, creating these products needs continuous innovation. The process of innovation is complicated as data goes through multiple changes before it is ready for production. This inherently means there a deluge of complex data, that must be sorted, organised and stored efficiently.


What if you could accurately manage all your digital data related to your product and your digital manufacturing definitions? What if you could ensure holistic management of data throughout your organisation? What if you could future-proof your design-to-production value chain with smart automation? What if you could equip your digital engineering setup for autonomous manufacturing?

Watch this webcast and learn how CLEVR has been enabling leading businesses in Europe future-proof their design-to-production value chain. Learn how you can leverage an end-to-end digital information and data management solution with software technology from Siemens.

What you will learn?
  • Innovation vs. transactions – why is it important to change the industry mindset
  • How the right product lifecycle management strategy improves ERP implementation
  • Use case: Odda Technology, Leirvik and OneSubsea

Magnus Normann | CLEVR
Ambassador of Automation

Magnus has devoted two decades in elucidating the importance of automation in manufacturing. He has helped businesses all over Europe harness the power of technology to create trailblazing designs and products.

Kai Fløistad
Business Development Savant
Who should watch?

Engineering-to-order, marine, heavy machinery, and manufacturing, engineering companies

Mechanical engineers (medior and senior), electro-mechanical engineers (medior and senior), managers, CEO, CIO, CTO

  • Watch directly. No personal information needed.
  • 30 minutes of useful tips.
  • Experienced Speakers.