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On-demand webcast
On-demand webcast

Is your ship design process ready to meet the new ecological and economical requirements?

Design your design process for holistic ship design

45 minutes
2 speakers

At a time when disruptive new technologies, economic turmoil, and climate changes are creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities, there’s never been a more important moment for designing your design process! Naval architects, engineers and manufacturers everywhere recognise the need to adapt to these rapidly changing times, developing new capabilities that can drive competitiveness and secure long-term sustainable growth.

Watch this webcast and see the latest innovation in holistic ship design; how to simplify complexity and how to scale at speed by connecting people, processes, and systems. We will show you how to design your design process by using holistic and process-optimised tools.

What you will learn?
  • The holistic ship design process
  • Process relevant functional aspects of PLM, CAD, CFD
  • Demo: hull fairing in CAD
  • Demo: interaction between CAD and CFD application
  • Demo: managing CAD and CFD data using PLM


Torben-H. Wölke | CLEVR
Naval Architect & Expert Holistic Ship Design

Torben-H. Wölke is Technical Lead Ship Design at CLEVR and, being a Naval Architect, is responsible for all activities in the ship building industry. Torben is dedicated in developing new digital ship design processes and has been since he started working with it in 2010. Torben is the link between end user and software development.

Hanna Lara Stolze | CLEVR
Naval Architect & Business Development Manager

Hanna Lara Stolze runs business development for CLEVR’s ship building activities. She’s a Naval Architect and has worked in the marine industry since 2008.

Who should watch?

Engineering-to-order, marine, engineering companies

Naval architects, mechanical and process engineers

  • Watch directly. No personal information needed.
  • 30 minutes of useful tips.
  • Experienced Speakers.