Native Mobile Hands-on

The workshop to takes your Native mobile development skills to the next level.

On demand
09:00 - 16:00 CET
5 seats left

If you want to bring your native development skills to the next level, this workshop is exactly what you're looking for. During this hands-on workshop, we will guide you through the Native development while you will be developing yourself. There will be guidance from a Clevr Native expert, who will bring you Native development knowledge to that next level.

You'll start with creating a local build from your project, so you can extend the default Mendix Native Template with custom libraries. This local build will be used in an Android Studio emulator.

When your local build is up and running, it is up to you to pick your next assignment. We'll provide you with a list of several assignments. Do you want to learn and practice styling in a native application? You'll pick the styling assignment! Do you want to know more about data synchronization in your application? Choose the assignment where you have to develop some functionalities with the subsequent data synchronization.


What will you learn by default?
  • Create a local build
  • How to run your local build in Android Studio
What can you learn optionally?
  • How to apply best practices for a native offline-first application
  • How to apply styling in a native application
  • How to setup push notifications
  • How to setup a deep link with your native application

For whom?
  • Advanced or higher certified Mendix developers who followed the 'Native Mobile Advanced' workshop or do have project experience with native mobile development
Native mobile hands-on course for Mendix developers | CLEVR