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Intratuin optimizes article management

Intratuin optimizes article management

22 June 2021, last update 22 June 2021 1 min read

Intratuin has decided to professionalize the article management of more than 700,000 articles and prepare it for further (international) growth. To realize this, the garden center has called in CLEVR. This expert in business application development brings article management into a Product Data Management and Product Information Management application. This makes the process from a product orientation to the enrichment of product information faster, more efficient, and more flexible. Moreover, the data management department is relieved, and the system load is reduced, while the service to the entrepreneurs of the branches is improved.

In the CLEVR application, Product Data Management (PDM) serves as a portal for product orientation, such as garden sets and cushions. PDM feeds the ERP environment with information from products that are actually added to Intratuin's range. Product Information Management (PIM) enriches this with text and images for a clear view of all channels for implementing the omnichannel strategy. Parallel to the realization of this application, the ERP environment is undergoing an update.

Intratuin attaches great importance to the independence of entrepreneurs of the Intratuin branches. That is why, in addition to the mandatory core range, the garden center also has additional ranges that entrepreneurs can tailor to local needs. Because the entrepreneurs themselves can log in and place orders, an exchange of spreadsheets with the central and local data management departments is prevented. Entering data and checking and enriching data is then one process.

"Of all the parties we spoke to, CLEVR understood us best,” says Michaël Roestenburg, IT and project manager at Intratuin. “We were amazed by their knowledge of retail processes. As a result, the experts at CLEVR know how to connect the application to our business optimally."

What also helps is that with CLEVR we develop in short iterations. The Agile method was new to us, but it quickly proves itself. With this optimization, we lay a solid foundation for now and a flexible foundation for the future. Immediately after going live, we will take further steps, but we are also looking further afield. The article management is ready for further (international) growth.

CLEVR is enthusiastic about collaboration. Business sales Manager René Tusveld explains: "We get a lot of satisfaction from optimizing processes so that data can be used effectively. Intratuin has an extensive range and wants to be very flexible with regard to the local entrepreneurs. This makes further automation and optimization a great challenge. One that is made for us. With the solution, we contribute to the success of Intratuin. That's what we do it for."


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