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Low-code application performance diagnostics for Mendix | CLEVR

Published 18-03-2020, last updated 01-02-2024 2 min read
Low-code application performance diagnostics for Mendix | CLEVR CLEVR Blog overview

A doctor for your Mendix application is now in the cloud

There is nothing more frustrating to users and developers alike than performance issues. As applications become increasingly complex, finding the root cause of any performance issue becomes more daunting than ever. To address that issues, Mendix in collaboration with CLEVR provides a unique set of tools as a cloud service, dubbed Application Performance Diagnostics (APD) for Mendix, that enables developers and IT teams to pinpoint the source of any performance issue.

IT teams should think of APD as the equivalent of a physician for your Mendix applications. APD for Mendix has more in-depth knowledge of your Mendix application than most developers could ever dream of having. APD for Mendix knows precisely where your application is hurting, which saves everyone involved a lot of pain, time and money.

APD for Mendix just as importantly enables IT teams to embrace best Mendix DevOps processes that ultimately make it faster to deploy high-quality applications. The choice is yours. IT teams can either learn to live with their existing application pains or they can consult a local physician in the form of APD for Mendix that, like all doctors, is sworn to secrecy.

Best of all, our APD for Mendix physician keeps learning about potential issues that might afflict Mendix applications. In fact, the latest release of APD for Mendix provides access to a  bevy of additional new capabilities.

Release of APD

Formally known as the CLEVR APM tool, CLEVR today announced the formal launch of a rebranded APD service for Mendix low-code applications as a complement to third-party application performance management (APM) platforms. The APD moniker better reflects the capabilities of the CLEVR offering at a time when APM platforms continue to expand and evolve.

We’re now moving beyond simple monitoring because our strength is in knowing where in the Mendix model the cause of the performance issue lays. We believe both APD and a third-party APM platform can be used side-by-side. APD for Mendix, however, goes beyond tracking simple metrics such as CPU and memory utilization.

APD focusses on

  • Collecting statistics of your Mendix app usage, both from the app (server) and the users (browser),
  • Using the statistics to see how your app performs,
  • Finding places to improve or spots that need immediate attention,
  • Seeing trends and outsmart issues before they even surface,
  • Recording user activity, so developers can see what is happening on a lower level.

What’s new?

The new name (APD) is not the only thing that has changed.

  • APD is a part of CLEVR SMART Digital Factory. As such, APD has an open API
  • With the growth of our customer base, we felt the need to work on the architecture and scalability of APD
  • Off course, we keep adding support for the latest Mendix releases
  • We improved the already extensive safeguards in the APD agent

From the release notes

The following features changes are a bit more technical but also worth mentioning

  • The SMART Digital Factory can use APD functions like statistics snapshots and recording via the open API
  • Also, for SMART Digital Factory users APD can now run your unit tests from our CI/CD via the APD agent
  • The APD browser agent has been redesigned to communicate through the runtime agent, instead of directly to the APM manager, to reduce network bandwidth consumption.
  • The APD manager has an improved queuing mechanism to handle higher loads
  • The APD data cleanup has improved performance
  • The APD runtime agent also has many small improvements
  • Off course we keep adding support for the latest Mendix releases
  • The safeguard for memory usage is enhanced to not stop our APD service on occasional memory spikes

The Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics tool (APD) is a commercial add-on service for the Mendix Platform that enables IT teams to diagnose performance issues right away.

To schedule a demo of APD, please visit https://www.mansystems.com/what-we-offer


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