CLEVR and STACKIT Cloud Team Up to Deliver Fast, Cost-Effective, and Secure Cloud Services for Businesses using Siemens and Mendix Technology

Published 21-05-2024, last updated 21-05-2024 2 min read
CLEVR and STACKIT Cloud Team Up to Deliver Fast, Cost-Effective, and Secure Cloud Services for Businesses using Siemens and Mendix Technology

CLEVR, a digital transformation leader blending PLM, MOM/MES and Low-Code technology expertise, announces a strategic partnership with STACKIT, a prominent provider of sovereign cloud infrastructure solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies' efforts to enable and enhance digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

CLEVR has long been recognized for its expertise in manufacturing optimization and business process automation empowering organizations to optimize their operations and achieve unprecedented efficiency. STACKIT, a brand of Schwarz Digits – the IT and digital division of Schwarz Group, with its commitment to delivering scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, has garnered a strong reputation in the industry.

By combining CLEVR's innovative and expert approach to technology deployment with STACKIT's robust sovereign infrastructure, clients can expect a comprehensive suite of services that caters to changing market demands and adheres to the highest standards of cybersecurity and compliance ensuring data sovereignty. With this partnership CLEVR and STACKIT offer a European alternative to the well-known global cloud hyperscalers.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

  1. Enhanced Cloud Capabilities: Clients will benefit from a seamless integration of CLEVR's expertly developed applications based on Siemens and Mendix technology and STACKIT's state-of-the-art infrastructure, resulting in a powerful and scalable cloud ecosystem.

  2. Optimized Performance: The collaboration aims to provide businesses with optimized performance, ensuring even faster and more reliable application deployment and hosting that aligns with the dynamic needs of today's digital enterprises.

  3. Security and Compliance: CLEVR and STACKIT highly prioritize the security and compliance requirements of their clients. The partnership strengthens security measures and compliance protocols, offering a secure environment for sensitive data and business critical operations. All STACKIT data centers and servers are located in Germany and Austria and are therefore subject to the highest data protection standards that apply worldwide. The STACKIT infrastructure is certified according to C5 type 1 and meets one of the highest standards of cybersecurity. STACKIT also has ISAE 3000, ISAE 3402, ISO27001, ISO20000 and ISO50001 certification.

  4. Innovative Solutions: The joint efforts will further enable delivery of innovative and tailored business process automation that leverages technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ digital transformation journeys.

"With our collaboration with STACKIT we are able to offer our clients a European, sovereign, highly secure and compliant cloud alternative for hosting their business-critical applications," said Jeroen Hanekamp CEO of CLEVR. "This collaboration reflects our shared interest to delivering excellence to our customers.

Walter Wolf, Board Member at Schwarz IT, also a brand of Schwarz Digits added, "The partnership of our STACKIT portfolio with CLEVR is a key step and critical element to further fuel our vision of an independent Europe – digital, leading. This partnership is another great building block to set new standards in terms of performance, security and innovation for sovereign cloud offerings.

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