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Mendix to unveil a new SaaS solution

16 February 2022, last update 7 July 2023 2 min read
PLM for Fashion and Retail
  • Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail is a new visually rich low-code cloud-native solution offering SaaS and adaptive SaaS subscription models
  • Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail developed in collaboration with CLEVR enables companies to manage their product development process from ideation to e-commerce
  • Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail will drive sustainability in a fast-changing world where augmented fashion will become the new normal

BOSTON – February 17, 2022 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in enterprise application development, today announced Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail, a new SaaS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution targeting the Fashion and Retail industries, developed in partnership with CLEVR, a leading global low-code consulting and application development company.

"Currently, e-commerce is exploding in the fashion and retail industries. Large and emerging brands are adjusting to the paradigm shifts affecting the industry. Trends such as personalization, sustainability, metaverse and the effects of digital 3D design have challenged brands and companies to adapt and fit into the new paradigms. Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail was designed to address these challenges," said Rohit Tangri, Global VP of Portfolio Strategy and Business Development at Mendix. "Assets from the design integrations are directly usable for stakeholders collaboration including supply chains, e-commerce, meta-commerce, AR and multi-verse applications. This accelerates the speed of innovation delivering value to our customers.”

Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail provides an easy-to-use visual interface. Its True 3D Integration capabilities accelerate collaboration on product design and creation of accurate bill of materials by unlocking the metadata within 3D authoring applications for usage with the PLM solution. Multi-experience capabilities enable collaboration across the value chain and embedded mass photo-realistic image generation shortens time to market, allowing users to go direct to e-commerce or metaverse catalogs with designs.

“The Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail solution is an addition to our strategy of providing high value low-code solutions built on the cloud-native Mendix platform. Leveraging the Mendix platform enables solutions with industry-leading capabilities in multi-experience, integration, and time to value,” said Ron Wellman, head of industry clouds at Mendix. “We intend to continually enhance our industry ecosystem by identifying and bringing to market solutions that provide immediate results for our customers. The Mendix industry vertical strategy is to work internally and with key industry partners to build and market a specific set of assets and solutions including, data source connectors, support for APIs and workflows, accelerator templates, and adaptive solutions.”

Getting this revolutionary solution developed required the speed of an excellent low-code platform and close collaboration between Mendix and CLEVR. "Partnering with the undisputed market leader in low-code, Mendix, will enable revolutionary digital transformation in the fashion and retail sector” said Angelique Schouten, CEO at CLEVR. “Together we will drive sustainability across the design-sales process in a fast-changing world where augmented fashion is gaining ground and will become the new normal. Brands and retailers must weave the digital thread into their DNA, and rejuvenate their production processes and that is why we have developed this specific solution."

Mendix solutions provide the advantages of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution with the benefits of a best in class low-code platform. Customers receive immediate benefits of a COTS solution with shorter time to value, superior integration and native multi-experience support.

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