CLEVR Announces Strategic Transfer of Proprietary Mendix-Quality Tooling to Software Improvement Group (SIG)

Published 30-05-2024, last updated 30-05-2024 1 min read
CLEVR Announces Strategic Transfer of Proprietary Mendix-Quality Tooling to Software Improvement Group (SIG)

CLEVR, a leading provider of Siemens and Mendix solutions and digital transformation services, today announced the strategic transfer of its Mendix quality tooling and related customer contracts to Software Improvement Group (SIG).

This move allows CLEVR to sharpen its focus on core competencies while ensuring the continued enhancement and support of these technologies through SIG’s expertise in software quality assurance.

Elevating Our Commitment to Excellence
The acquisition encompasses CLEVR’s proprietary low-code Mendix quality assurance technologies:

  • Application Test Suite (ATS)

  • Application Performance Diagnostics (APD)

  • Application Code Reviewer (ACR)

By transitioning these assets to SIG, CLEVR is confident that its customers will benefit from SIG's extensive experience in traditional and AI-driven software quality assurance. SIG, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam, empowers businesses and governments globally to achieve success with reliable and robust IT systems.

A Strategic Move for Growth
“This transfer aligns perfectly with our strategic vision,” said Jeroen Hanekamp, CEO of CLEVR. “It enables CLEVR to focus on reselling, delivering, and supporting (PLM, MOM, low-code) software solutions. Partnering with SIG, we are confident that our technologies will continue to evolve and thrive under their stewardship, allowing us to better serve our customers with innovative and high-quality services.”

Continued Support and Future Prospects
SIG will maintain and support all versions of ATS, APD, and ACR until the end of 2026, ensuring a seamless transition for CLEVR’s customers. There will be no disruption to current services, and SIG’s comprehensive support will help customers maximize the potential of these tools.

Luc Brandts, CEO of SIG, emphasized the synergy of this acquisition: “We are excited to integrate CLEVR’s Mendix-related technologies into our portfolio. This acquisition not only enhances our offering but also strengthens our relationship with CLEVR, Mendix, and Siemens. We look forward to helping our new customers build high-quality software applications and improve their scalability, quality, and security.”

Going forward, CLEVR and SIG will further strengthen their partnership and continue collaborating in the Mendix low-code domain to bring significant advancements to the ecosystem.

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