Product lifecycle management for fashion and retail
Fashion & Retail

Product Lifecycle Management for Fashion and Retail

Drastically reduce your time-to-market by automating the entire design-to-sales process. Improve your productivity while cutting costs of production, reducing waste and time, and delivering quality products sustainably.

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Transform your design-to-sales process

Designed for retail, apparel, footwear and accessories brands, our SaaS solution creates an end-to-end digital value chain to automate the entire design-to-sales process. We meet your unique requirements through our highly-configurable solution and do not limit you to the traditional fashion seasons. We help you streamline the production workflow (ideation, planning, design, merchandising, development, sourcing, sampling, and manufacturing), while encouraging collaboration between all your stakeholders. Ultimately, we help you stay ahead in the fast-paced fashion industry by radically cutting down time-to-market, improving your carbon footprint and lowering production costs.

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Product Lifecycle Management Time-to-market

Shorter & predictable time-to-market

In the competitive fashion landscape, businesses must think and plan five steps ahead. Fast changing fashion trends compel designers, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to work in tandem to produce collections on time. Our solution enables all stakeholders to manage, monitor and control the entire workflow for a well-planned, transparent and predictable. production process.

  • Gain insights with interactive overview dashboards
  • Track status, milestones, and red flags
  • Configure workflow to suite your production process
Product Lifecycle Management Production process

Single source of truth for production process

Traditionally all stakeholders across the production chain work on different platforms and formats to produce a single project, causing discrepancies and delays. We create a single source of truth for all product data such as designs, material libraries, sizes, color palettes, measurement charts and more.

  • Control versioning of product data
  • Access a unified and real-time database
  • Enable partners to connect via the vendor portal
Product Lifecycle Management Scalable

Integrated & scalable PLM solution

Working with different versions of product data compounds undetected manual errors in the order placement, resulting in high costs and delays. Our solution forms the starting point of your digital pipeline. The built-in 2D/3D feature automatically pre-populates underlying data in style and product specifications to generate precise information for bill of material, measurements, colors and versions, and more.

  • Photo-realistic 2D image production
  • Embedded 3D viewer
  • Mass-image production for pre-sales modeling
Floris van Bommel
CLEVR’s industry expertise and their experience with automating complex wholesale processes helped us create a future-proof PLM environment.
Reynier van Bommel
CFO at Floris van Bommel
Product Lifecycle Management Sampling

Drastically reduce physical sampling

Every minor change in the production process amplifies the need for physical sampling, resulting in high costs and large carbon footprints. We help streamline your digital pipeline, create automatic Tech Pack directly from the 2D/3D design, and provide a direct line-of-communication for all stakeholders from creation to supply reducing the need for physical sampling.

  • Digital sample review and automatic Tech Pack creation
  • Vendor performances comparison & analytics
  • Direct in-platform interaction with vendors
Precision in design

Precision in design & product specifications

Teams often use (outdated) software in silos for the production process; thereby creating a deluge of digital waste, data migration headaches, and re-training and re-adoption costs. We enable you to eliminate the need for sporadic implementations. Our highly scalable, flexible, and customisable solution provides you with a glove fit for your unique and changing requirements.

  • Based on low-code technology
  • Cloud-based and adaptive
  • Quick and easy to implement open platform
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Retail, uninterrupted

The needs of tomorrow must be predicted and built today with technology. CLEVR’s low-code approach to fashion & retail ensures with speed and agility in development you need to keep your consumers engaged, while streamlining your processes, and maintaining your margins.

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