Mendix for Teamcenter

Expand your PLM functionality with low-code

Take advantage of a Mendix's low-code application development platform and create custom solutions quickly and easily.

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Why low-code software to enhance your PLM solution?

Mendix natively integrates with Teamcenter and can expand the functionality of Teamcenter beyond the usual PLM users.

Optimize your product lifecycle

Close the gap
Mendix can be used to close the gap between Teamcenter and other core systems, such as ERP, CRM, and MES systems. This allows organizations to streamline their business processes and improve data accuracy by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. 

Enhance user experience
With Mendix, we can evolve Siemens Teamcenter powerful PLM system to present itself and key information in a user-friendly fashion adjusted to these supporting roles. By improving the user experience, organizations can increase user adoption and improve overall productivity, as users can quickly and easily access the features they need to complete their work.

Solution Capability Highlights

Sales configurator

Our Sales configurator uses a Mendix interface to configure which add-ons can be sold for which products. Engineers make this decision based on the product and add-on designs and specifications. The sales configuration can be stored back in Teamcenter to keep a single source of truth. The information is used to update the sales catalogue. This solution reduces the amount of returns and increases the first time right sales. 

Problem & Improvement Notice

Enable mechanics on the shop floor to send feedback about problems or improvements with specific parts or work steps to Teamcenter. Information reaches engineers and designers more reliably and they can act upon the feedback faster. 

Supplier portal for Teamcenter

Improve information flow from suppliers into Teamcenter. The supplier portal manages specifications and certifications for supplied parts, materials, etc. and makes these available in Teamcenter. The supplier portal can also be integrated into ERP and other systems to get a full 360 view on what is being delivered to you.  

More Mendix for Teamcenter Possibilities

CLEVR's Mendix for Teamcenter solution can enable your teams to level up your product lifecycle management.
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