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Product Lifecycle Management is the heartbeat of innovation, turning ideas into streamlined products. It's a systematic approach to managing a product’s lifetime, from design to reality, fostering innovation, ensuring quality, and driving growth. It strengthens the collaboration between people, processes, and products.

PLM stands at the forefront of Industry 4.0, integrating advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and MES. These integrations are paving the way for a smart manufacturing ecosystem.

CLEVR offers innovative solutions that enable manufacturers to effortlessly connect their digital processes with real-world operations.

End-to-End Efficiency From Product Ideation to Customer Satisfaction 

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Faster Design Cycle

Concept and Design

Experience faster product design cycles with an advanced CAD system, featuring virtual prototyping in a 2D/3D environments. This system integrates processes like robotics, 3D printing, and quality inspection operations. The NX integrated design and manufacturing capabilities offer an effective platform for efficient product development.

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Faster Time to Market

Engineering and Development

Reducing product development errors necessitates coordinating engineering with other departments and leveraging technologies like digital twins and simulation. Teamcenter accelerates the process from design to field testing, fostering collaboration, enhancing product quality, and contributing to a faster time-to-market

Domain Experts

People and Processes

Empower teams with PLM to bridge gaps for informed decisions and seamless data flow. It features a business process modeler, change management, and an interactive dashboard to fuel innovation and enhance organizational efficiency.

Advancing PLM with Low-Code Technology and Industry Expertise

Low-code technology enhances Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) by simplifying custom application creation and fostering seamless connections with other systems. Automating application lifecycle steps streamlines delivery, supports the development of mobile and composite PLM apps, and enables efficient handling of complex use cases by leveraging information from multiple sources.

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Empowering the Manufacturing Ecosystem with AI and MES

Explore Success Stories and Insights for Effective Product Lifecycle Management

"CLEVR suggested some new ways we could use Teamcenter that we hadn't seen before."

John Pastor -  VP Quality Management at Optime Subsea


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