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CLEVR Quality

CLEVR Quality

Partner with industry experts at CLEVR for a cutting-edge Suite, enabling unmatched app performance and seamless connectivity for your business. Our approach ensures real-time alignment between development and your ecosystem, delivering seamless consistency.

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Build high-quality Mendix apps with confidence

Enhance the quality, development, and security of your Mendix platform with CLEVR. Access high-level insights into your application and ecosystem's quality, track performance trends, predict issues, and make data-driven decisions using transparent analytics within intuitive dashboards.

  • Apply industry best-practices

  • Prioritise technical debt

  • Reduce application lifecycle costs


Quality Assurance

Get a high-level overview of your application and ecosystem's quality, fostering ongoing improvement and innovation by offering standardized industry benchmarks for application development quality.

  • Comprehensive Validation
    We offer 175 validation rules aligned with Mendix best practices, allowing you to gauge your portfolio's overall score. Our system is compliant with ISO Standards 25010.

  • Ensuring Quality Assurance for Your Portfolio
    Evaluate your application's quality by benchmarking it against industry standards, gaining insights into its performance compared to others in the field.

  • Improve Maintainability and Security
    Bringing long-term benefits to your portfolio by enhancing the maintainability and security of your application.


Performance and Monitoring

Track performance trends, predict issues, and embrace data-driven decision-making with transparent analytics in intuitive dashboards.

  • Improve Application Performance
    Focus on optimizing application performance while providing helpful diagnostic functionalities.

  • Diagnostic Functionality
    Check technical logs of an application and real-time visualization of memory and CPU logging.

  • Performance Monitoring at Multiple Levels
    Assess the performance of pages and microflows within the application at an environment level.

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We became a client of the first hour using the CLEVR Developer Suite. I am so incredibly satisfied with this piece of software that I would wish any organisation to start using this software. It's just that good and a complete package. This should have been in the Mendix platform a long time ago, especially when you have big Mendix applications.
Richard Edens
Mendix and Operational Manager at CED

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