Maximizing Shop Floor Operations Efficiency with MOM & MES 

Upgrade your manufacturing operations with enhanced flexibility and reliability. Streamline processes from shopfloor to office, turning raw materials into
innovation beyond traditional production methods.

Transform your manufacturing operations into a powerhouse of productivity

Transform your processes with our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system. Enjoy full visibility, peak performance, and waste reduction. Our core Manufacturing Execution System (MES) maximizes efficiency and minimizes downtime in real-time shop floor operations.

Experience operational excellence through integrated design components and the potent synergy of MOM and MES. With CLEVR's expertise, optimize shop floor operations for unparalleled performance and efficiency. Lead your industry with our transformative solutions.

Align People and Processes for Smart Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

With real-time data, MES manages the transformation of raw materials into final products, providing a comprehensive view of the production process. It enhances efficiency, improves product quality, and ensures regulatory compliance. By linking factory operations with business systems, MES supports manufacturers in achieving competitive operational excellence.

Quality Assurance

Enhance your product reliability and customer satisfaction with Opcenter's quality management system. This system allows for tracking and controlling quality deviations effectively. Our quality assurance strategy focuses on exceeding standards through a strategic blend of planning, testing, and auditing. This approach is designed to reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction. With Opcenter, the goal is not just to meet standards but to exceed them.

Planning & Scheduling

Optimize your inventory, expedite cycles, and decrease production costs using Opcenter's production planning. Opcenter supports advanced planning, scheduling, manufacturing execution, quality management, and manufacturing intelligence.  Streamline daily operations with flexible scheduling and advanced algorithms. Effectively allocate resources, maximize utilization, and enhance profitability through meticulous production planning.

Manufacturing Execution Systems at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, powered by Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is the key to modern manufacturing. MES integrates planning, scheduling, and execution for optimal results. It also facilitates lean practices, compliance reporting, and supply chain coordination across different locations.

By using advanced technologies like IoT and AI, MES enhances efficiency, product quality, and reduces downtime. This leads to improved productivity, regulatory adherence, and business growth. Experience the power of smart manufacturing with MES, driving your operations towards a sustainable future.

Maximize your shop floor operations with Industrial Edge

Industrial Edge Computing connects your factory equipment directly to the cloud, allowing for real-time data analysis. This makes it easier to manage both machinery and digital systems, leading to better efficiency and faster responses.

The Siemens Industrial Edge platform is key to this process. It uses Mendix apps on devices to link up with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) within the Siemens Industrial Edge network. This platform is open and easy to use, making it a great fit for any manufacturing setup.

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Awarded Top EMEA Partner in the Product Category Manufacturing Operations Management in 2023. This recognition highlights the contributions to advancing manufacturing processes and operational excellence.

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