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Leading Digitalization with Siemens Partnership

Integrating the Siemens portfolio through our Platinum Partnership to transform your business with tailored software solutions for manufacturing and other industries.

Strategic Partnership with a Shared Manufacturing Vision

Recognized as the top leader in digital manufacturing, Siemens drives digital transformation in manufacturing with over 170 years of innovation. They integrate advanced digital solutions, with their digital twin approach optimizing manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency and product quality, bridging the virtual and real worlds. Through the strategic partnership between Siemens and CLEVR, we empower manufacturers with Siemens Xcelerator Software, to achieve flexibility, quality, and safety standards.

Our Partnership in Action: How Siemens and CLEVR Collaborate?

CLEVR is a part of Siemens' extensive and rapidly expanding partner ecosystem. By leveraging our combined technology and industry expertise, we drive digital transformation at scale through on-premises, as-a-service, or hybrid cloud software solutions.

Delivering Scalable PLM and MOM Solutions through Trusted Collaboration

CLEVR and Siemens collaborate to enable a modern, open ecosystem with over 4,000 partners, empowering customers in their digital transformation. Through advanced PLM and MOM software, low-code implementation, alongside digital twins connecting virtual and physical worlds, operations are streamlined. Siemens Xcelerator integrates the entire value chain from design to realization, while optimizing with a continuous flow of data, enabling rapid, efficient and scalable transformation.

Transform Your Industry with Tailored Solutions

Optimize your operations with Siemens Xcelerator, a comprehensive portfolio of software that integrates PLM, MOM solutions and low-code development. It is designed to help companies of all sizes become digital enterprises with solutions that can be personalized and adapted to fit individual and industry-specific needs.

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How Nel Hydrogen scaled up with CLEVR and Siemens using PLM Software

The partnership between CLEVR and Siemens enabled Nel Hydrogen, a leader in manufacturing electrolyzers, to scale up using PLM Teamcenter. This collaboration boosted productivity by 10x and achieved a 500 MW capacity, marking a world first in transitioning from manual processes to a fully automated production line.

Discover the Story

Awarded Top EMEA Partner in the Product Category Manufacturing Operations Management in 2023. This recognition highlights the contributions to advancing manufacturing processes and operational excellence.

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