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7 reasons to choose a CLEVR solution for your manufacturing business

Published 17-05-2023, last updated 01-02-2024 3 min read
7 reasons to choose a CLEVR solution for your manufacturing business CLEVR Manufacturing Blog

As businesses face the digital world's continual evolution, product lifecycle management (PLM) has become a critical component for success. With the rise of low-code technology, companies now have access to powerful tools that can develop their PLM processes and help them stay competitive in a tough market. Following this context, choosing the right low-code company to assist in the development of your PLM system is not an easy task and requires careful consideration and assistance. 

When it comes to low-code and PLM solutions, CLEVR is a trusted partner for businesses looking to develop their processes and drive innovation. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, CLEVR has delivered customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

In this blog, we will provide insights for companies seeking to leverage PLM solutions and low-code tools to drive innovation by presenting the seven main reasons why choosing CLEVR as the ultimate game-changer for leveling up your manufacturing business. 

Zooming In on CLEVR: More than a low-code company. 

CLEVR is a leading provider of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, helping clients worldwide build the future by combining technology and industry expertise. With over 20 years of experience, CLEVR offers a dedicated industry and AI/data-science practice, a global training process, a certification network, and a high-quality global support network. CLEVR's team of 250+ professionals deliver continuous value to more than 500 customers across 18 countries. With its extensive industry expertise and the utilization of low-code technology powered by Mendix and PLM solutions provided by Siemens, CLEVR serves a diverse client base. The company is ISO 27001 certified and has dedicated security officers to ensure the utmost security and data protection for its clients. 

Moreover, the company specializes in providing comprehensive PLM solutions that help manufacturers to streamline workflows, optimize efficiency, and drive innovation. In the upcoming sections, we will explore in detail how choosing CLEVR can transform your manufacturing business.  

7 reasons why CLEVR should be your ultimate choice as a manufacturer. 

Choosing CLEVR offers several key advantages for your business. It enables rapid application development through an intuitive visual interface and pre-built components, significantly reducing development time. With its flexibility and scalability, applications built on CLEVR can easily adapt to evolving business needs. By choosing CLEVR, businesses gain a powerful tool to accelerate development, boost productivity, and build scalable applications efficiently. Here are the 7 reasons why you should consider working with CLEVR:

1- Understanding of the industry: CLEVR has a deep understanding of various industries and their unique challenges. They have tailored their low-code platform to meet the specific needs and requirements of different sectors. This industry-focused approach ensures that businesses can quickly build and deploy applications that align with their standards and best practices. 

2- Customized Technology Solutions: At CLEVR, they specialize in providing tailor-made technology solutions that deliver exceptional value to their customers. By leveraging AI, low-code technologies and PLM softwares powered by Mendix and Siemens, they create business applications that meet the highest standards in user experience and security. Their approach involves utilizing standard solutions, and data science to enhance business insights.  

3- Technical PLM System Skills: CLEVR's low-code platform incorporates technical product lifecycle management (PLM) system skills. This integration allows businesses to seamlessly manage their product development and lifecycle processes within the same platform. By leveraging CLEVR's expertise in PLM, companies can organize their workflows and optimize their product management strategies. 

4- Experienced Resources: CLEVR boasts a team of experienced professionals, +180 Mendix certified consultants, who are well-versed in low-code development and application delivery. These resources bring knowledge and expertise, ensuring that customers receive high-quality support and guidance throughout their journey with CLEVR. The availability of experienced resources is crucial for successfully leveraging the capabilities of a low-code platform. 

5- Agile Development: At CLEVR, low-code and agile methodology are prioritized to develop growth and learning, enabling flexibility and adaptability to meet evolving business and customer needs. Close collaboration with project managers and CLEVR's delivery teams ensures seamless integration. The project manager serves as a scrum master, facilitating agile practices and overcoming obstacles for smooth progress.  

6- Customer Collaboration: CLEVR emphasizes customer collaboration throughout the development process. They actively involve customers in the design, testing, and implementation phases, ensuring that the resulting applications meet their exact specifications. This collaborative approach develops transparency, minimizes misalignment, and leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

7- Good Work Environment: CLEVR is known for spreading a positive and supportive work environment. They prioritize teamwork, open communication, and professional growth. This culture contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity, ultimately benefiting the customers who rely on CLEVR's low-code platform. 

By choosing to work with CLEVR, businesses can benefit from industry-specific solutions, collaborative development processes, technical PLM system integration, and access to well-experienced resources. These factors make CLEVR an attractive choice for companies looking to accelerate their application development and delivery in the manufacturing field while ensuring alignment with industry requirements. 

In conclusion, CLEVR stands out among Siemens and Mendix partners by offering a unique combination of expertise in product lifecycle management (PLM) and low-code (Mendix) software solutions. The focus is on helping customers strategically deploy software to drive value creation. CLEVR’s approach involves deploying multi-disciplinary teams that align technology functionality with business strategy, ensuring a tailored fit. By leveraging industry-leading technologies, they prioritize high standards such as exceptional user experience and security. Additionally, the Academy helps customers with in-house expertise, enabling continuous growth and improvement. 

Looking to transform your manufacturing business with CLEVR and low-code technology? Contact us today to learn how we can help you successfully develop your processes and stay ahead of the competition. 

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