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Investigate your Mendix application performance and repair | CLEVR

Published 23-05-2019, last updated 15-06-2023 2 min read
Investigate your Mendix application performance and repair | CLEVR Investigate your Mendix application performance and start repairing

The more widely an Application Performance Management (APM) tool is employed the more valuable it becomes. With that simple idea in mind, we at Mansystems developed an APM tool designed from the ground up for low-code Mendix application environments that is both simple to deploy and easy to master. Our goal is nothing less than making it possible to broadly apply APM to any Mendix application in the most frictionless way possible.

The result is APM 2 from Mansystems, a simple to set up multi-tenant cloud service that can be easily employed across all your applications

Making APM Simple

One of the best things about APM 2 is that it’s accessible via your Mendix ID. Via a single sign-on capability, we’ve integrated our APM 2 service with the Mendix Cloud Portal. Our commitment is to provide a standard user interface experience (UI) across all our tools that is consistent with the Mendix development platform.

The next thing you should appreciate is that the APM Manager for APM 2 doesn’t require developers to configure a separate UI in their applications to access APM Manager. Better still, the APM Agent doesn’t rely on the internal database within your application to store traces. That approach dramatically reduces the system resources consumed by the APM Agent that gets installed to instrument your applications.

APM 2 also includes a wide range of defaults settings. Each of those default setting can then be dialed up or down to ‘High’, ‘Medium’, or ‘Low’ as development teams see fit.
Another notable APM 2 feature is the recorder is a simple start/stop function that stores data immediately. No separate processing required.

A statistics collector also stores action statistics to provide detailed insights into microflows and actions without recording. In most cases, a development team will be able to start fixing things by looking at the statistics being compiled.

Finally, there’s even a built-in “tour guide” that leads inexperienced users through various usage scenarios to help them perform specific jobs.



The Power of APM

APM is designed to be employed by both Mendix Developers and the teams that support their applications before, during and after an application is being built and deployed.
The primary benefits of any APM tool are as follows:

  • Fast Diagnosis of Performance Issues: APM analyzes specific functions at the deepest level of the application model to identify where improvements can be made.
  • Accelerated error detection: APM logs the most important data the second an error occurs. It is no longer necessary to have the error reproduced by the user.
  • Track Performance Trends: APM identifies application performance trends over time to identify issues before application owners notice.
  • Increased Productivity: Development teams discover the root causes of issues faster.
  • Higher End User Satisfaction: Faster application response times lead to greater end-user satisfaction.
  • Less DevOps Fatigue: The need to set up stressful “war rooms” to identify who might be at fault is sharply reduced.
When it comes to achieving those goals, we’re confident you’ll agree there simply is no easier way than APM 2 from Mansystems to realize the benefits of an APM across the entire application development and deployment lifecycle!

To find out more about how APM 2 and Mansystems can help improve the quality of the application experience you provide, visit  the APM 2 Reference Guide.

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