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Make your promotion process efficient and successful

Make your promotion process efficient and successful

22 June 2021, last update 22 June 2021 2 min read

Do you ever take the time to enjoy the success of the promotion of your company? Probably not, because there is not enough time for good analyses and insights telling you more about the recent promotions. The action pressure is high at most retailers. The marketing calendar is full of planned promotions, and the internal machine between the marketing, merchandise, and category management departments is running at full speed to coordinate all actions and make them transparent.

Is the correct information on the website? Do the action headlines match what is in the folder? There is an enormous amount of coordination to be done, not only with all the different departments at the headquarters but also with suppliers, store managers, and entrepreneurs.

The information needed during a retailer's promotion process comes from different departments, just like many different systems. The problem is that these systems often do not communicate with each other and do not work with the same information. We work with different excel sheets, which means that the chance of errors is very high. Annoyances between departments are obvious, and efficiency is hard to find.

When commercial changes gradually take place in the process, this sometimes has to be adjusted in three different places, which means that the chance of errors is greater than if this only has to be done in one place.

When your information is fragmented, you also spend more time and more money on managing external parties: how often does it happen that several correction rounds are necessary when drawing up a folder, because the price changes in the meantime, the offer is just not quite complete? Correct, or the text still needs to be adjusted.

This requires many time-consuming administrative actions for the various departments, while they could also spend that time devising smart commercial actions.

The wish of your internal departments is that they offer in the folder, website, or newsletter is the same regardless of the means of communication. That the product is always in stock and easy to find, that the price of the item in the store or webshop is correct and that the offer is also recognized at the checkout. To offer your customer that one truth, one current, and central overview is needed from one system. No more discussions between departments where things went wrong, but the correct information transparent for everyone. And with that right information, you can get started with analyses, ensuring that the next promotion is even better.

Do you recognize this? With CLEVR's promotion manager, we facilitate the entire process, from creating the marketing calendar to evaluating and analyzing the promotion. All the necessary information is collected in one system, so that the conference table full of printed excel sheets is a thing of the past, your administration becomes less, and your experts have time to do what they are good at. Which ultimately leads to a better customer experience. Because your customer remains our focus.


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