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Celebrating another CLEVR initiative. Help me recruit!

Celebrating another CLEVR initiative. Help me recruit!

6 September 2017, last update 24 October 2022 1 min read

Last year, right after the summer, I wrote a blog on how happy I was to join this company that is celebrating success. This summer, we have launched a great new initiative that I want to blog about: the Mansystems Mendix Academy.

The CLEVR Mendix Academy originated from our intense working relationship with Mendix. The Mendix Platform gives us the power to successfully build great apps for our customers. Just like we have, more companies now recognize the Mendix platform as the way to innovate. Their choice for using Mendix is strategic. It is a long-term investment that, most likely, hits the core of their business. At some point, these companies want to invest in people with Mendix know-how. But, how do you build a team, when you do not have the knowledge yourself?

To empower these customers, CLEVR launched the CLEVR Mendix Academy. We are the bridge between Mendix customers and future Mendix Talent. The Academy offers a combination of online courses, classroom courses and coaching on-the-job. After a year, a Trainee is a well-equipped Mendix professional.

Customers can retrain existing employees on Mendix. Or, they can decide to ask us to provide suitable candidates for them. We select candidates on certain characteristics which are specific to developing on this platform. We also select on the personality that matches our customer’s culture. And, we see if the candidate is technically savvy. A candidate who checks all the boxes is admitted to the Academy.

The number of customers strategically choosing for Mendix is increasing. So, is the demand for our Academy. CLEVR has built a great relationship with many universities in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we are ‘Internship company of the year” and a well-known Mendix Partner.

I want to use this blog to inspire all Mendix customers to think about their current Mendix team. Do you want to build or extend your own team? Do you have employees that you want to retrain? Do you want to hire new talent?

And, Communications and Marketing graduates, please think about becoming a recruiter together with me! You will be in control of Corporate Recruitment for our own growing organization. You will recruit candidates for our Academy customers. And, you will set up a new and improved employer brand. You do not have to have a recruitment background because I can coach you. You should be enthusiastic, creative and someone who wants to make a difference.

Please let me know if you this sounds interesting to you!


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Tanja van der Krabben Tanja is the Head of Talent Acquisition at CLEVR. She is on the constant lookout for talented professionals who believe and possess qualities of ownership, self-awareness, and empathy.

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