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3 ways to meet your Mendix App release deadline this summer!

3 ways to meet your Mendix App release deadline this summer!

19 June 2018, last update 21 June 2021 1 min read

Everyone is looking forward to the summer, except developers and product owners who have looming project deadlines. Application development continues, even when half of the team is on summer break. How do you meet your deadlines? Here are three ways to prepare you for this summer:

1. Build a relationship with the Largest Mendix Expert Partner in Europe

CLEVR is the largest Mendix Expert partner in Europe. With three Mendix Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), eight Expert Mendix Developers, 18 Advanced Mendix Developers and 40 Rapid App Developers on staff, CLEVR is an implementation partner uniquely capable of keeping your project on schedule this summer. Of course, as a full-service development house, we also have scrum masters, testers, performance and security experts, UX designers and app stylists available across the Benelux and DACH regions.

2. Free your developers’ time by automating your regression tests

With Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS), you can easily automate those laborious, time-consuming regression tests that now prevent your team from focusing on what adds most value: actual development and intelligent testing of code. Mendix ATS enables an application development team to automate once and then run those tests using a scheduler or even your CI/CD tool of choice whenever necessary.

3. Get help from an agile scrum master or experienced product owner for your project

Does your team realize the consequence of adding a new feature? Our scrum masters, product owners and project managers can help you get a grip on the “we want more” syndrome. Each new feature added to an application adds one more thing to misunderstand and, for the developer, one more thing to add. For the user, there is always one more distraction, and for the developer, there is always one more thing to build and deploy. I can keep on going. How about a new inventory of why you are adding new features?

Do you have a project deadline in the middle or the end of the summer? Are you not sure you will meet it with all the summer planning coming up? Please feel free to contact me to get your development in shape for this summer.


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Tanja van der Krabben Tanja is the Head of Talent Acquisition at CLEVR. She is on the constant lookout for talented professionals who believe and possess qualities of ownership, self-awareness, and empathy.

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