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Do you think we deserve to win?

Do you think we deserve to win?

18 September 2018, last update 18 June 2021 2 min read

Do you think we deserve to win? Support our nomination for Computable’s 2018 “Training Center of the Year” and vote today!

For the 13th time, the ICT-Magazine, Computable, has nominated companies that readers believe have distinguished themselves within the past year. We are incredibly proud to announce that our own CLEVR Mendix Academy is among this year’s nominees for 2018 Training Center of the Year. This nomination is rooted in our Academy’s ability to enable trainees to shape their digital transformation skillset through an agile, simulated project boot camp as well as our classroom training program, e-learning, and on the job coaching.

The program is innovatively structured so that trainees are receiving hands-on experience through the boot camp project simulation. This differs greatly from other programs that primarily focus on applying theory in classrooms or e-learning settings. Through their assigned project, CLEVR Mendix Academy trainees can build-upon, demo, and improve their app within each “sprint”. This system provides challenges for each developer, thus ensuring that they receive low-code experience that is true to life. Following every sprint, goals for each individual are determined and the details of the next sprint can be tailored to fit that individual’s needs. This ensures that each trainer is able to provide highly personalized attention to those within the Academy, addressing both strong points and learning gaps. These initiatives within the CLEVR Academy work together to create incredibly efficient and knowledgeable Mendix developers who can add value to a team directly after their boot camp.

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 Following the boot camp period, the trainee receives the rest of the period coaching and workshops customized to fit their own real-life working environment. The ultimate capabilities of people exiting our program will include demonstrating a superior performance that is reliable, repeatable, and reproducible- regardless of the situation. Upon the completion of this year long training, the developer receives a certificate confirming their status as a Mendix Expert Developer.

The CLEVR Mendix Academy was founded from its parent-company, CLEVR, an organization that has excelled at its initiative to digitally transform customers for over 25 years by building fast, agile, and first-time-right business applications. CLEVR began to offer the Academy’s form of integrated training in 2017 to respond to the shortage of low-code developers and to confirm that low-coders do, in fact, need extensive training to predict success within their future agile working teams.

In short, the CLEVR Mendix Academy took a high stakes risk in deciding to educate the low-code development market, and it has paid off. The Academy is now highly recognized for its ability to provide a structured education with various learning methods and measurable success, allowing companies that choose low-code to be confident in the abilities of their developers.

The Computable award ceremony will occur on October 30th, 2018, in Prinses Beatrix Theater in Utrecht-voting closes in Mid-October.

Do you think we deserve to win at the 2018 Computable Award ceremony? Then we need your help! Don’t forget to follow us on social media so you can share your vote.


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Tanja van der Krabben Tanja is the Head of Talent Acquisition at CLEVR. She is on the constant lookout for talented professionals who believe and possess qualities of ownership, self-awareness, and empathy.

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