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 Help information overload! A MX World 2.0 Quality must watch list

 Help information overload! A MX World 2.0 Quality must watch list

29 August 2020, last update 14 October 2022 2 min read

Mendix World 2.0 is coming... It is not only going viral, but also going virtual. MX World is one of the biggest low code events to date, and it brought the content to match that.  

On one side, I am curious about the new setting and how it will work, on the other side, I am kind of bummed out that there is no possibility to talk to Mendix community in person. It is all very understandable in these challenging times, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about it. But then again, at least we can now binge watch under company time 😉.  

The Mendix World is all about the makers, the people that built with the Mendix platform. From inspiring leadership to the latest features, it is all covered in the vast number of videos and sessions. It can be daunting to figure out what to attend, especially if you may not yet know what you are looking for. All the buzz words and IT terminology might throw you off when looking for the right session to spark that inspiration.  

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Luckily, we as one of the largest and most experienced Mendix partners are here to help. As product manager of the SMART Digital Factory Tooling I can get really excited on quality. I truly believe quality is easy to maintain in combination with developing apps at the speed of light. Together with our experienced QA consultants we had a look at what content is a must watch for those looking to improve the overall quality of their Mendix applications or for those that just want more intel on how to manage Mendix app quality.  

Implementing a QA Process For App Efficiency 

Ovidiu Lutea, Product Manager, Mendix 

Michael Giller, Product Marketing Manager, Mendix 

A definite number one on the list. To be fair, we are not exactly impartial. Both the Mendix Application Test Suite and the Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics tool are designed and created by CLEVR. Our tools are included in the session with an awesome new feature demo. But wat makes it a must watch is that Ovidiu will take you on a journey to implement a solid QA process for your Mendix development practice. He will give you the best practices and practical guidelines on how to lower the number of bugs getting into your production environment. A true  #savemoney, be sure to watch it.  


Ensuring App Quality and Testing with a Pre-Production Checklist

Rob Bond, Senior Technical Lead, Mendix 



Coming in second, we have a session by Rob on the pre-production checklist. Checking whether your application can handle the load of going live is important. You can double check everything for a single user, but that doesn’t always mean that the results will be the same if one hundred users do the same. What makes it a must watch is that Rob will guide you through the best practices in creating a pre-production checklist for your own. As the Dutch saying goes, a warned person counts for two, better to have that checklist, right? 


Building Better Student Experiences by Improving App Quality with Brigham Young University

Paul Eden, Senior Director of BYU Apps, Brigham Young University 

Mark Manning, Senior Customer Evangelist, Mendix 



Coming in third we have a nice customer story on Brigham Young University. This customer story will give insight in how a high quality Mendix application can improve the experience of your users. What makes it a must watch is that it proofs the following: app quality builds a better student (user) experience. Do I need to say more? 

We really hope that the above gives you a nice starting point. Be sure to watch everything that sound interesting, you might never know what sparks that awesome innovation.  

Don’t forgot to follow us during the Mendix World, we will wrap up sessions and videos and give you a quick insight in what you can learn from them.  

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Derryn Zwart Derryn is a low-code enthusiast with a passion for productivity and complex problems. He firmly believes that great software starts with great developers. He has devoted his years of Mendix experience in product development and QA to simplifying complex problems with low-code.

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