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Sessions to watch as Mendix newbies at Mendix World 2020

Sessions to watch as Mendix newbies at Mendix World 2020

30 August 2020, last update 21 June 2021 2 min read

Mendix World is always THE go-to event to collect all fancy news about the latest low-code trends and of course about the latest Mendix plans. Every time this event becomes bigger and bigger,

Mendix outperforming every year anew. It’s such a pity that this year’s Mendix World will only take place virtually.

But no need to be sad! This also means: You don’t have to decide between one interesting session and an even more interesting one that takes place at the same time. You won’t miss any inspiring topics!

However, if you happen to have a very busy week and you do want to make the most out of our valuable time, here are the top three sessions you should watch when you’re new to Mendix and want to come to the conclusion that this is your future.

Low Code and High Speed go hand in hand, but how to avoid Code Mistakes?  We built the Application Code Reviewer for Mendix. Check it out, download the  mini book and get going!

CEO & CTO Keynote

The keynote presentations from Mendix’ CEO and CTO are a must-watch for basically everyone no matter being a techie or not. You will experience what’s new with Mendix, why you should keep/start using it and what nice features are yet to come. And you can be sure that you won’t be looking at your watch for once, as these sessions are always very exciting and fun!

Furthermore, all sessions from the track “lead the way” are potentially interesting and inspiring for Mendix newbies. But make sure to watch at least the following two sessions.


Practical Considerations for Enterprise Low-Code

If you’re still hesitating on walking the seminal low-code path and if you don’t trust low-code with serious apps, you should definitely be part of this session! You will learn why low-code is not just a trend, but a technology that will prevail over conventional solutions. You think there are way too many limits to low-code? Think again after listening to inspiring customer cases that will exceed your expectations. Low-code delivers value to your organisation. Learn how you can start to benefit today!

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The Future of Citizen Development

We’ve all been there: From year to year, it’s getting harder to find really good developers who understand exactly not only what the business wants, but also what the business needs. And to make it even more complex – we would also like to have developers who consult us with the best advice. Unfortunately, this mixed species of having the technical skills while being able to think in the right processes is very rare!


In this session you will find out about the concept of a citizen developer. With this new concept, you don’t necessarily need technical skills at every step along the way. A new species will be able to build, build even more and can collaborate with the rest of the tech team.



Make sure to block some time for at least these inspiring sessions.

“See” you there!


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Jessica Truszczynski Mendix enthusiast Head of Sales & Customer Engagement Mansystems/FlowFabric

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