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Must watch technology sessions at Mendix World 2020

Must watch technology sessions at Mendix World 2020

26 August 2020, last update 21 June 2021 2 min read

The Mendix World 2020 online conference provides boys and girls focused on low-code application development with access to a wealth of sessions required to master the most widely employed low-code platform in the world. However, there are four videos that simply can’t be missed.

First and foremost is a high-level overview of where low-code application development is headed next presented by Gordon van Huizen, Vice President of Platform Strategy and Field CTO of the Americas for Mendix.

Relevant to both newbies and the most experience of Mendix developer, this presentation will help organizations craft a strategy for building applications quickly in an era where every way people work has changed utterly.

Learn about:


- How major technology and social trends are impacting organizations

- Where low-code platforms are fitting alongside adjacent technologies such as data integration and data analytics

- How low-code platforms will evolve in the next five years

- What organizations can do now to prepare to best take advantage of those changes


That’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The future of integration has never been brighter. Be sure to check out the following online presentations:

Democratizing Data Integration

Digital business transformation has become an imperative for organizations large and small. Each of those projects is dependent on the level of data integration that can be achieved. The Mendix platform simplifies integrations by enabling application developers to discover and share data as needed. Join this session to learn how Mendix:


Safely enable users to share, discover, and ultimately aggregate actionable data faster.

Reduce the overhead of managing Mendix application environments at scale.

Maximize return on investments in existing IT platforms.


Naturally, Mendix has a lot to offer out of the box. However, going beyond the basics gives your organization an unbeatable edge when it comes to rising to meet any business challenge. Be sure to log in to Mendix World 2020 to appreciate the possibilities.


Extending Mendix Apps with Java

If you are a hardcore developer you might be wondering how you can use Mendix to solve complicated problems. Need to employ facial recognition software without having to rely on an external REST service? Want to employ existing Java skills to accomplish this and other goals using Mendix? This video will take you through:


What Java actions to use when and how.


How to employ Java Extensions withing your preferred integrated development environment (IDE) with specific libraries.


How to cleanly package Java Extensions to foster reuse inside your organization.

Java is used by most enterprise organizations and is the second most widely used programming language in the world. Developers that can leverage those skills in a low code platform such as Mendix will be able to create applications that add unique business value faster than ever.


Getting Started with React Native

Mobile applications are now a default requirement. Danny Roest, a product manager for Mendix, demonstrates how the React Native application development framework solves mobile challenges. React Native was a game-changer for native mobile application development. It eliminates the need to code in either Swift (iOS) and Java (Android), which requires development teams to build and support two separate instances of your applications. React Native was not only the sixth most popular framework overall in the 2019 developer survey from Stack Overflow, it’s also the number one framework for building native mobile apps.

Attend this session to discover why React Native is an important skill to have and how Mendix makes it possible for developers to build React Native applications faster using a low-code platform. Topics covered include:


The architecture of Mendix React Native Mobile apps.

How to customize and extend your app using components readily available from the React Native community.

How to create widgets based on third party components.

Must Watch TV

These are just four of the on-demand videos that can be viewed online at Mendix World 2020. However, from a technology standpoint these are the ones that just shouldn’t be missed. After all, the difference between merely being a good versus Mendix developer comes down to not who you know but rather what you know. 


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Erwin 't Hoen CTO Netherlands. Started at Mansystems 20 years ago and initiated the use of Mendix by Mansystems. For the past 7 years active as CTO at FlowFabric.

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