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Top 3 Mendix World 2020 sessions for product owners and managers

Top 3 Mendix World 2020 sessions for product owners and managers

31 August 2020, last update 21 June 2021 1 min read

Mendix World: Version 2.0 offers a lot of interesting sessions. But here are the 3 main sessions you should not miss – especially as a product owner or manager.

Live session Creatively Approach Your Customer Experience: September 1st at 16:00 CEST

Creativity and customer centric thinking. Two essentials for the creation of successful products. But how to create the right atmosphere in your team? What is a good strategy and how do you make your first steps?


As always it's easiest to learn from the best.



Listen to Duncan Wardle, Former Head of Innovation & Creativity at Walt Disney. Learn how to foster creativity in your team and turn ideas into great solutions.

Low Code and High Speed go hand in hand, but how to avoid Code Mistakes?  We built the Application Code Reviewer for Mendix. Check it out, download the  mini book and get going!

On-Demand Session: Incorporate Users In the Design Process: How the Mendix Platform Team Does It

There’s a major difference between successful and failing products: how users experience them. The most disrupting software innovations always have one thing in common. An outstanding user experience.

Jelena Golubovic, Product Manager at Mendix, will take you on a journey. Get insights into how Mendix has improved the UX of the platform onboarding process. Learn about the business value of improved UX and why you should invest as well.


On-Demand Session: Implementing a QA Process For App Efficiency


No success without quality. That's a fact.



Quality is essential for two things. First, the speed and agility of your delivery process. Without proper measures you'll spend half of your time fixing regressions (functional bugs, performance, security, ...). Your delivery speed will continuously decrease. This will make it more and more difficult to cope with customer demands.

Second, the adoption by your end user (in combination with UX).

How users perceive your app depends a lot on its quality. How long does it take for a certain UI operation to complete? How predictable is the behavior of the app?

Learn from Ovidiu Lutea, Product Manager at Mendix for the quality add-ons. He will show you to use the Mendix quality tooling - especially the Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS) and the Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics (APD) - and make it an integral part of your development process.

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