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Cookie Policy

CLEVR B.V. uses cookies on her websites. We use this to improve the usability of your visits to our website and to guarantee your privacy. On this page you read about our cookie policy. We try to provide as much information as possible about the use of cookies by Clever.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computers or mobile device when you visit our website.

Which cookies do we use?
Below you can read more about the cookies used by our website and for what purposes we use it.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies ensure that our website can function correctly. For example, we use them to display certain categories at a blog post.

Analytical cookies
With analytical cookies we collect statistics from the users of our websites. By measuring the website usage we can see how visitors like you use the website and based on that data we can improve the website.

Google Analytics
What do we use these cookies for?

  • To track the number of visitors on our website;
  • To measure the duration of every visit on our website;
  • To track the order in which a user visits the different pages on our website;
  • To determine which pages need improvement;
  • To use the collected data for other Google services (such as Adwords);
  • To optimize our website in general.

See Google’s Data Processing Amendment for more information.

Hubspot place some cookies as well. These are functional as well as tracking cookies. We use Hubspot cookies to:

  • Track the number of visitors on our website;
  • Measure the duration of every visit on our website;
  • Track the order in which a user visits the different pages on our website.
  • Build a contact profile of our visitors so we can create the best experience.

Third-party cookies
Cookies from third parties are also placed on some page on our website. Think of cookies from Youtube, for example, when we embed a video. The privacy and cookie policy of the company in question applies to the use of cookies by other companies.

Delete cookies
You can only delete cookies yourself, as they are stored on your computer. To do this check the manual of your browser. To change your consent, click the button below.