Field Service Management

Transform your service experience with low-code Field Service Management

Empower your field engineers, lower operating costs, and automate and optimize processes using CLEVR's flexible field service software solution.

If you're running a company that relies on field service operations, you know how crucial it is to efficiently manage your team, appointments, inventory, and other aspects of the operation. That's where CLEVR's low-code Field Service Management (FSM) software comes in. 
It's a tool that provides end-to-end visibility and control over all the key areas of your field service operations, including dispatching, scheduling, field engineer support, and performance tracking - all of which can fit your business processes and structure.

Main capabilities

Crew & Work Order Operations

Create crews and work orders based on location, skills, and availability for both planned and unplanned work. Provide all necessary job details, customer information, collaboration tools, and contextual knowledge to maximize efficiency and accuracy on the first visit.

Engineers Work

Predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing your team to proactively schedule maintenance and repairs. This helps prevent costly downtime and ensures that equipment is always operating at peak performance. Save money on repairs, minimize disruption to your operations, and gain valuable insights and data to help you make informed decisions and optimize your maintenance processes.


By automating processes such as scheduling, dispatching, and time tracking, You can ensure that your team is working efficiently and effectively. This not only saves you time and money but also helps you deliver a better customer experience. You can optimize your workforce, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve overall productivity.


Enable engineers do their job more effectively and efficiently by offering a custom mobile app experience where they can easily access job details, schedules, and customer information from anywhere. The app also allows engineers to communicate with the central team, update job status, and access relevant documentation in real-time. This means that engineers can focus on their work on the ground, without worrying about paperwork or manual data entry.

Intelligent Dashboarding

Get a full picture of your field operations with smart dashboard and quick analytics. Deepen your understanding of what are the main actions, cost drivers, or most common failures by analysing trends with KPIs, metrics, and dashboards for field service.

Additional Solution Capabilities

CLEVR's low-code FSM solution can enable your teams to optimise processes and cut inefficiencies. Find out more about our further capabilities.


Glove-fit solution matched to your needs and requirements

We know every organisation is unique in its development and digital maturity. CLEVR FSM is a field service solution that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. Whether it is a small, medium, or large enterprise. Helping you maximize the uptime of assets at the lowest cost. This is a utility that standard out-of-the-box solutions do not offer.


  • Adaptable and scalable.
  • Provides a smooth user journey through silos.
  • Connects output and input in a single user interface.

CLEVR FSM is the field service supplier of choice for Siemens’ Service and Asset Lifecycle Management ecosystem (see image).

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“I am thrilled with the result. This project in collaboration with CLEVR is a flywheel for more development. We want to automate more and more processes and to do that, you need a platform that translates from IT to the business and vice versa. CLEVR helps us secure the necessary knowledge within our own organisation and inspires us with the platform’s possibilities”
Jaap van der Welle
Corporate IT manager, Mourik


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