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EOC, the Netherlands-based marine insurance specialist, prides itself on providing comprehensive, transparent cover and expert advice to its members and policyholders.

The company wanted to ensure the best possible customer experience and so entered into a partnership with CLEVR to bring its insurance application process online. It now offers a quick and simple application route which takes only a few minutes for clients to complete – and for EOC to assess.

Until recently, customers were only able to request quotations via forms, which required significant administration time and a lot of to and fro, and meant it took several days for them to become insured. EOC knew this could and should be done faster. To provide a better service to customers, it decided to automate its processes across the board, so all client interactions would be transferred from offline to online. EOC’s ambition was to insure its customers within 24 hours – all the insurer needed was the right software partner.



EOC turned to low-code and no-code specialist CLEVR, which works with the Mendix platform, which offers rapid development capabilities and allows processes to be converted into attractive applications in little time.

The company’s specialist expertise meant it knew exactly what needed to be included in the application and it had developed many functionalities itself. CLEVR then built upon these with the Mendix platform, providing for a seamless switchover.

An online application service was quickly established, which all of EOC’s customers could use if they chose. After the vessel’s details are submitted, a premium is calculated and the policy built. Appraisal reports and photos can also be uploaded. Once the application is complete, the customer is immediately granted provisional insurance, subject to acceptance. EOC receives the submission instantly for its consideration and needs only to check and approve it online.

The new application houses the entire process from the moment a customer requests coverage to full acceptance by the company. Every adjustment to the policy takes place in real time, with the altered price immediately visible on screen. Such specialist coverage – catering to many different types of ships and boats, all with countless options – is highly complex, so it was particularly impressive that the data-heavy operation could be incorporated into one application so quickly.



Thanks to CLEVR, EOC has now realised its ambition to insure its customers within 24 hours and the new application route has numerous other advantages. The customer can immediately see exactly what a policy will cost – the most important factor alongside the level of coverage. And for EOC, the time savings are substantial. Employees can focus not on procedure, but on helping clients and ensuring they are able to enjoy using their vessels.

Reducing admin to a minimum also enables EOC to serve more customers during busy periods. The insurer experiences annual peaks during the pleasure boating season, with very high traffic in the spring and summer. Enabling instant insurance at the click of a button brings even greater benefits at such times — both for the customer and for the business.



“The application sheet is complex because it contains a lot of data. Think of a lot of different types of ships. Each ship has countless options. So, it’s fantastic that we managed to build this entire process into one application in such a short time”

Ferdy Hoekman, marketing, communication and advice manager, EOC



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