Euronics is Europe’s largest electronics retail association with more than 8,800 affiliated stores in 36 countries, including more than 300 in the Netherlands alone. The stores are owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs who benefit from lower buying costs thanks to being part of a large international group.

Following significant and rapid growth in recent years, Euronics wanted a contract management system (CMS) that optimised all the potential benefits for its members, including internationally negotiated buying contracts, was able to track an individual member’s progress towards targets, support accurate forecasts and be fully scalable to accommodate future growth.



Euronics worked with low-code and no-code experts CLEVR to develop BASE, a bespoke CMS that takes account of the group’s unique structure and operating model. This included the way Euronics enters into international contracts with suppliers and makes agreements for the group as a whole. Affiliated members then subscribe to the deals they find interesting, adjusting the targets to their local needs, and undertake the final negotiation. For example, television prices and targets are matched by brand, type, size and colour etc. CLEVR also made sure that the CMS worked with individual members’ own IT infrastructure for the applications they use to support the various processes.

Using the application development platform Mendix and an Agile approach, CLEVR was able to build the BASE CMS for Euronics in small iterations over a short period of time and deliver on every single goal.



Euronics members today have a robust CMS with easy access that supports the whole process from the central international deal-making to tracking individual members’ targets and performance. In addition, the CMS also supports member-made forecasts and analysis. The system has enhanced the efficiency of the group, making it stronger and better able to negotiate on an international level, thereby benefitting its members and its members’ customers.



“CLEVR works with application development platform Mendix, and that is an effective combination. It fits well with the CLEVR Agile approach. The short iterations and implementations bring speed to the project”

Gabor Olah, EMEA business analyst, Euronics

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