More than a garden centre, Intratuin aims to deliver a “green experience.” The company currently has 60 branches: 51 in the Netherlands, five in Belgium and four in Germany.

Its full range comprises more than 700,000 products and Intratuin wanted to improve its management of these, making it a more efficient, service-oriented and future-focused company with scope for international growth.

This was a real challenge for Intratuin. The company has always been keen to promote the independence of its various branches, so as well as stocking the mandatory core range of products, individual managers are encouraged to add other items that will appeal to local markets.

However, adding these products to the standard range was not compatible with the company’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Instead, they had to be entered manually. Furthermore, individual branch managers didn’t have access to the ERP, meaning placing orders was a time-consuming and error-prone process.

When Intratuin’s ERP was due for an update, it took the opportunity to review its product management system and turned to CLEVR for its expertise.



Intratuin chose CLEVR because the low-code and no-code solutions expert specialises in retail processes and understood exactly what Intratuin wanted to do. This meant the process would be as smooth and simple as possible, and give optimum results.

Another important reason for choosing CLEVR was that it knows exactly how to get the most out of product data management (PDM) and product information management (PIM) applications.

CLEVR’s solution as part of the ERP update was to incorporate product management within the PDM and PIM applications. The PDM serves as a portal for product orientation. As products – for example, garden sets and cushions – are added to the Intratuin range, the information is fed from the PDM into the ERP environment. PIM enriches this with text and images compatible with all channels to support the garden centre’s omnichannel strategy.



CLEVR’s Promotion Manager system has made the process from product orientation to the enrichment of product information faster, more efficient and more flexible. Intratuin’s internal data-management department and individual branch managers are now working together on one workflow.

Given the success of this, the next step that Intratuin wants to introduce is to give suppliers access to the platform. It will create a triangle comprising Intratuin, the individual managers of each branch and suppliers – meaning all can directly submit proposals for a new range.

With these new applications, Intratuin is laying a solid foundation now, with flexibility for its future.



“Of all the parties we spoke to, [CLEVR] understood us best. We were amazed by its knowledge of retail processes. As a result, the experts know how to connect the application to our business optimally”

Michaël Roestenburg, IT & project manager, Intratuin


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