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Louwman is one of Europe’s largest car dealerships, selling the leading global car marques from high end to mass market including Toyota, Peugeot, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Bentley, Morgan, Maserati and Kia. The cars are sold through a number of operating companies including the Louwman Dealer Group, Alcredis and Welzog.

The parent group wanted to be able to produce creative, customer-oriented business applications in-house so that it could roll out new concepts fast and efficiently and build on the success of the core Louwman Group.



Louwman had been successfully working with the low-code development platform Mendix for several years. The platform’s speed, ease of integration with back-office systems, standard links for Internet of Things and its facility to generate native mobile apps had all contributed to a positive experience and 20 business apps had been built using it

Louwman Group had also been working in collaboration with low-code and no-code specialists CLEVR for several years and based on the low-code and no-code experts’ philosophy of empowering its clients to use the Mendix platform independently, it approached CLEVR to help create a Mendix Expert Center (MEC). This sits within the Louwman Group’s ICT services operation, thereby bringing app development in-house. It also provides IT services to all Louwman companies.

The project includes training existing Louwman staff and those joining the group so that they are empowered to work independently of CLEVR using the Mendix platform.



The MEC was opened on 1st January 2019 as a facility available to all members of the Louwman Group. Today, the Louwman Group can innovate faster, make more creative business decisions and is developing all its business apps in-house.



“We offer our own people the next important step and at the same time get new blood in the organisation.”

Edward Cox, director ICT services, Louwman Group


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