Nutricia GmbH, a brand owned by Danone, specialises in medical nutrition for malnourished patients in hospitals, as well as at home. As Europe’s largest medical nutrition provider, it takes care of thousands of patients every month in Germany alone in hospitals and care homes, as well as in the community and through mobile nursing services. 

The company was grappling with vast amounts of data, all of it held across separate software systems. This left employees to constantly search for what they needed rather than acting on information at their fingertips. Patients were frequently forced to reintroduce themselves and their cases as there was no central system for staff to access.  

Nutricia needed a solution that would enable caregivers to capture and collate all relevant information, from both offline and online, allowing them to better manage patients’ conditions and treatment.  



In just nine months and with four developers, the digital homecare app NutriCare was created. CLEVR used its no-code and low-code expertise to build an SAP Cloud Solution powered by Mendix, which brings together all information about patients, nutrition products and sales in an SAP system hosted by Danone. Throughout the process, CLEVR always kept the user, their experience and needs at the heart of the project. 



A flexible application for mobile and desktop, NutriCare improves the entire patient journey through easier and faster interaction with caregivers. It also reduces manual tasks with greater automation, lowers overhead and effort costs, and increases customer satisfaction.  

NutriCare has proved an immense help in improving the condition of malnourished patients and in closely managing care. It has opened up a new world of possibilities for the company, bringing efficiency, transparency and consistency to the planning and execution of operations. 



“CLEVR has an elegant way of using its valuable perspective to challenge requirements and achieve best-in-class results. It is one of many skills that CLEVR can be very proud of” 

Maurice Ender, senior customer relationship manager, Nutricia GmbH 


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