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Retourplaza is an online start-up that sells returned or damaged products from various suppliers at considerable discounts. It needed a solution to help it ensure every Retourplaza customer is guaranteed to receive the unique product they purchased.



Retourplaza was founded as a way for a broad range of suppliers to sell goods that have a small defect or were damaged during original shipping at a discount rather than take a complete loss on them. Instead of suppliers needing to find buyers that would take these goods in bulk or to simply keep them in their warehouse to cannibalise for parts, Retourplaza provides an innovative way to resell them and eliminates a major logistical issue.

However, the challenge was to find a way to match the exact item bought by a customer with the item up for sale. For example, seven refrigerators might be available, each with a slightly different status, such the location of damage, rating and price. Retourplaza turned to low-code and no-code specialist CLEVR to assess its processes and work out how to digitalise the entire process. This meant everything from the supply of the damaged products to assessing the damage to each one, coming up with an appropriate price and recording the transaction.



Two advanced developers and one expert Mendix Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from CLEVR worked together to create the architecture for the low-code Grading App+ in just two months. Grading App+ provides a single point of truth for all the different streams of data, including the suppliers, product types, damage, applicable discount, price and delivery status of products. It also allows Retourplaza to photograph, identify and rate all the products that it sells. Taken together, Grading App+ means Retourplaza can keep track of its stock, match the order with the product and be sure it is sending out the correct item every time.



“In CLEVR I have found a reliable and quality partner. Not only through the way they approached the project and their ability to collaborate with us to simplify the process as much as possible, but also through the commitment and efforts of the team to make sure that deliverables were delivered on time. CLEVR provided ongoing good and clear information and realistic goals, both of which are key to successfully guide a project like this”

Jan Minnee, Co-Founder, Retourplaza


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