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Thuisvaccinatie specialises in administering vaccinations (predominantly travel-related) via experienced doctors at a time and place convenient to clients – usually in their home. The client can make appointments online and despite the high quality of the service, the costs are competitive with those of traditional vaccination institutions.

The company has grown significantly in recent years, serving almost 100,000 customers a year, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to efficiently process the scheduling of all appointments as well as client files, vaccine registration and invoicing. In addition, the system was not sufficiently flexible to link with other applications. Upgrading it was not an option as it was too expensive and time-consuming.

Thuisvaccinatie realised it had to transform its back office and invest in automation to support future growth and take advantage of its competitive advantage in the long term. It needed a simple solution – fast – so it turned to CLEVR: a specialist in low-code and no-code solutions.



CLEVR could easily take on the multiple challenges of short lead times for planning and handling appointments, developing the application quickly and obtaining insightful results. With the model-driven capabilities of the Mendix platform used by CLEVR, the optimal solution can be delivered rapidly – particularly for organisations needing specialist support.

For example, scheduling an appointment with one of Thuisvaccinatie’s doctors involves a complex planning process. The doctors work throughout the Netherlands seven days a week and allowing customers to schedule their own appointments means a lot of control and calculations are needed behind the scenes. Travel time, the length of consultations and the period in which clients can schedule appointments are all considered. Part of this planning extends to ensuring doctors drive the most optimal route.

CLEVR’s solution was to integrate this complex process within Thuisvaccinatie’s Mendix application, using a planning algorithm. When making a customer appointment, the Mendix application sends a request for timeslots to the planning software, taking into account variables such as postcode and region. The scheduling software checks when a suitable doctor is available, matching the postcode area and the service needed, and options are returned to the Mendix platform, saving time and money.



Thuisvaccinatie is now a fully digital company. Everything is managed in the application – from scheduling appointments to determining the route doctors take, to making notes and signing off during the consultation. Adding to the convenience, the application can be used on any device – such as a phone, iPad or computer.

The Agile development method has enabled Thuisvaccinatie to monitor progress closely and share this with employees, making adjustments based on their feedback. Inspired by the speed and simplicity of the low-code, easy-to-use Mendix platform, Thuisvaccinatie is focused on new improvements, with further processes being automated.

The company is now working on a modern back office that can be seamlessly linked to the front-end websites. It will then have a future-proof IT environment enabling it to scale up and expand its services. More and more medical procedures will be performed in clients’ homes and when opportunities arise it will be able to respond immediately.



“There was an immediate click and a sense of trust between CLEVR and Thuisvaccinatie. The entire team, from both organisations, was closely involved in the development process. It was a very complex application but we managed to get it live in six months”

Serko Hermans, managing director, Thuisvaccinatie


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