The future of fashion and retail with Mendix

Published 15-12-2022, last updated 01-02-2024 1 min read
The future of fashion and retail with Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail PR Image

A cloud-native product lifecycle management system developed by CLEVR, the fast-growing technology solutions company, is now on the SAP Store.

Building on a rich history serving brands such as Marlies Dekkers, Van Bommel, and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. CLEVR combines deep fashion and retail industry knowledge with market-leading expertise in Mendix low-code to deliver a solution that accelerates the design to sales process. Mendix DLM for Fashion and Retail:

  • Uses a digital twin to innovate and reduce physical sampling.

  • Provides a single source of truth that aligns teams. 

  • Cuts time to market.


Low-code powers the future of fashion

Produced under an OEM deal, Mendix DLM for Fashion and Retail harnesses the flexibility of low-code to power the future of fashion. It integrates with your system landscape (e.g., SAP ERP) and allows you to connect silos, improving collaboration both internally and with suppliers. Modernizing the process from design to delivery. 

With integrated 3D modelling, you can go straight to e-commerce with photo-realistic product images. Capture, mine, and reuse design and production data to make the products of tomorrow. And deliver them to consumers on the platforms of the future. With personalisation being a trend in retail and fashion, this keeps you at the cutting edge.

Jeroen Hanekamp, CLEVR CEO, said: “We are proud of the technical and commercial quality of the Mendix DLM for Fashion and Retail solution, this recognition by SAP underlines that.” 


Hanekamp noted the close partnership between CLEVR and Mendix. This is based on decades of experience that allows CLEVR to leverage the Mendix platform’s strengths, to meet industry challenges now and in the future.

Available in more than 200 countries and territories, the SAP Store is the online marketplace where customers can find solutions from SAP and trusted partners. Providing real-time access to innovative solutions that can digitally transform your business.

CLEVR combines expertise in both standard software and low-code solutions. “Our customers are global leaders focused on delivering the products and services of tomorrow. CLEVR helps them build the future – by harnessing our software and industry expertise,” said Hanekamp. 


CLEVR and Mendix will be showcasing the solution at retail’s big show, NRF, in New York in January 2023. 

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